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Powerful German State

Otto von Bismarck

Prussian leader of German unification/nationalism movement


Prussian, conservative, land-owning class


Prussian economic union, removed tariff barriers between German states, in step toward political unity


"realistic politics," practical politics, ends justified the means, power more important than principles

Policy of Blood and Iron

Bismarck's plan for unification, wars and militarism (industrialism)

Schleswig-Holstein (1864)

provinces of Denmark many German speaking people, "libertated" by the alliance of Prussia and Austria


glorification of war and military

War With Austria

Bismarck attacked Austria, 7 week war, Prussia has control over both Schleswig & Holstein, and several Northern German states

Franco- Prussian War

bismarck rallies german against napoleon iii when he opposes a prusian king on the spanish throne, france bot prepared for war, prussian victory in a few weeks

Ems Dispatch

Telegram that was edited (re-worded) by Bismarck that was insulting to the French ambassador, leads to declaration of war

Second Reich

united Germany, heir to the holy roman empire that was abolished by Napoleon in 1806

Kaiser Wilhelm I

emperor of Germany during WWI, symbol to the US of German militarism and severe efficiency, emperor of united Germany allowed Bismarck to make many decisions


upper house of German legislature, members appointed, had veto power

Kaiser Wilhelm II

grandson of I, will ask Bismark to resign in 1890


lower house, members elected by universal male suffrage

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