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  1. the functions of the United Nations include
  2. among the most corrupt countries in the world in 2008, according to Transparency INternational, wer
  3. what is the relationship between the form of a state's government and economic development
  4. which of the following is the principle that diplomats are beyond the jurisdiction of the host country's national courts
  5. nonviolent resistance to British rule was the means to independence for which British colony
  1. a India
  2. b providing a forum in which states can settle disputes without the use of force, promoting economic and social development in the global South, providing a coordinating system for information and planning by international agencies and programs, providing a symbol of international order (all of the above)
  3. c democracy has not accompanied economic development in a systematic or general way
  4. d Haiti, Somalia, and Burma
  5. e diplomatic immunity

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  1. Paris Club
  2. Security Council, General Assembly
  3. four tigers
  4. a balance of payment deficit less than 10 percent of GDP
  5. the ability to read and write a simple sentance

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  1. the Schuman Plan led to the establishment of thethe EU moving to unify standards and integration reaching into every corner of society and affecting people;s daily lives (B and C)


  2. despite the perception that international debt crisis is "over" which country in effect defaulted on debts in 2001Argentina


  3. ____ refers to grants given in the form of expert assitance in some projecttechinical cooperation


  4. the most successful NICs areHong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore


  5. the integration theory that asserts that technologoical and economic development lead to more and more supranational structures as states seek practical means to fulfill certain activies isfunctionalism


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