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  1. which of the following is NOT an impact of colonialism
  2. making regular payments of interest and repaying the principle according to the terms of a loan is known as
  3. the first step in creating crosscutting economic linkages in Europe after World War II that would prevent future wars called for the merger of which industries
  4. which of the following was NOT one of the six original members of the European Coal and Steel Community
  5. _____ is the controversial practice of the International Monetary Fund by which domestic economic reforms are required of countries agreeing to new loans
  1. a debt refinancing
  2. b conditionality
  3. c Great Britain
  4. d steel and coal
  5. e farmland was planted for export crops rather than subsitence crops, the most easily accesible minerals were dug up and shipped away, infrastructure in cities expanded, the education and skills needed to run the economy were largely limited to people from the colonial power (all of the above are impacts of colonialism)

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  1. Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein
  2. third world regions, periphery
  3. allowing the Chinese yuan to float freely against other currencies
  4. created a Peacebuilding Commission to coordinate reconstructino, instituion-building, and economic recovery
  5. the United States

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  1. the newly industrialzed country that has focused primarily on trade ishave achieved self-sustaining capital accumulation


  2. microcreditare funded partly by the General Assembly and partly by contributions raised directly by the program


  3. Which of the following was a treaty signed by not ratified by all signatoriesEuropean Defense Community


  4. which of the following is a consequence for China of the global economic recession in 2008Japan


  5. the UN standby High Readiness Brigadethe continuation of colonial explotation without formal political control


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