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  1. how does the European Commission compare to the Council of European Union
  2. the concept that governments must act to save civilians from genocide or crimes against humanity perpetuated or allowed by their own governments is
  3. when a company is owned partly by an MNC and partly by a local firm or a host government itself this is known as a(n)
  4. the body of the United Nations that has the primary responsibility for international peace and security is the
  5. Which of the following was a treaty signed by not ratified by all signatories
  1. a Commission membership is based on one member per member state, whereas Council of the European Union membership varies from one meeting to the next depnding upon the topic being discussed
  2. b responsbility to protect
  3. c joint venture
  4. d Security Council
  5. e European Defense Community

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  1. free trade area, customs union, common market, economic union
  2. it creates a need for the UN because no central world government coordinates the actions of states and it limits the power of the UN because states do not like to delegate power to it (A and C)
  3. four tigers
  4. The United Nations Confrence on Trade and Development
  5. South Korea

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  1. states from Western Europe, North America, and Japan/Pacific have joined together to form the ______, from which more than 90 percent of government assistance flowsDevelopment Assistance Committee


  2. which of the following is an important facotr keeping people in desperate poverty in the global Southcivil war, corruption, the resource curse, landloacked locations without ready access to trade (all of the above)


  3. according to laws of warcan be waged only in response to aggression


  4. which of the following is an implication of expanding the EU's membershipEU institutions will operate more efficiently and disparities in wealth between members will be accentuated (A and C)


  5. which of the following is NOT a criterion to join a single currency in the EUa balance of payment deficit less than 10 percent of GDP


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