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  1. among the most corrupt countries in the world in 2008, according to Transparency INternational, wer
  2. which of the following is NOT an economic reform instituted in China since the mid 1970s
  3. international integration is
  4. how has the focus of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe changed
  5. in the world system, the regions that mostly manufacture goods are the ______. and are refered to as the ______
  1. a allowing the Chinese yuan to float freely against other currencies
  2. b the process by which supranational institutions come to replace the national ones
  3. c it now runs elections and helps political parties in Easter Europe
  4. d industrialized regions, core
  5. e Haiti, Somalia, and Burma

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  1. Tiananmen Square in 1989
  2. regional, specific
  3. traditional peacekeeping, the use of force to protect civilians, the supervision of elections, running the government until a country recovers from a conflict (all of the above)
  4. Brazil developed a plan that would give permanent seats with veto power to at least six additional countries
  5. Peace Corps

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  1. in recent years, states in which region have elcted leftist presidents committed to changing course away from free market capitalism and toward a socialist philosophy with more state-owned enterprisesmost of the world's territories


  2. the Schuman Plan led to the establishment of theEuropean Coal and Steel Community


  3. which of the following was NOT one of the six original members of the European Coal and Steel CommunityGreat Britain


  4. which of the following is an impact of the shift from subsitence to commercial agriculture in states in the global southcrops are grown for export to pay for supplies such as machinery fuel and pesticides, small plots of land have been consolidated into big plantations, farmers end up working on large farmers rather than growing their own food, crops typically provide little nutrition to the local population (all of the above)


  5. just-war doctorineallows the repelling of an attack and punishment of the aggressor and allows only the victim of aggression to respond (A and C)


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