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  1. European states colonized what part of the world
  2. which of the following is an important facotr keeping people in desperate poverty in the global South
  3. the chocolate wars in the EU are an examples of
  4. _____ is when diplomats are accredited to each other's governments and enjoy certian rights and protections as foregin diplomats in the host country
  5. what has the United Nations done to provide longer-term support to countries after peacekeeping missions end
  1. a created a Peacebuilding Commission to coordinate reconstructino, instituion-building, and economic recovery
  2. b civil war, corruption, the resource curse, landloacked locations without ready access to trade (all of the above)
  3. c most of the world's territories
  4. d the EU moving to unify standards and integration reaching into every corner of society and affecting people;s daily lives (B and C)
  5. e diplomatic recognition

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  1. can be waged only in response to aggression
  2. semiperiphery regions are growing more rapidly than periphery regions
  3. Turkish workers would move back to Turkey to find jobs at home
  4. Hong Kong and Singapore
  5. eliminating non-tariff barriers to trade

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  1. changing the payment terms of a loan, such as the payment period, is known asgreater centralization at a time when individuals and groups want more autonomy


  2. how is the power of the UN Security Council limitedits decisions depend entirely on the interests of its members and member states try to evade or soften the effect of Security Council resolutions (A and C)


  3. the IGOs that have been more successful are the ones that are _____ in scope with _____ purposesCommission membership is based on one member per member state, whereas Council of the European Union membership varies from one meeting to the next depnding upon the topic being discussed


  4. if the US were to ask Great Britain to arrest a suspect on British territory and hand him or her over for trial, this is known asextradition


  5. what is the relationship between the form of a state's government and economic developmentdemocracy has not accompanied economic development in a systematic or general way


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