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  1. the most successful examples of international integrations is
  2. _____ is the controversial practice of the International Monetary Fund by which domestic economic reforms are required of countries agreeing to new loans
  3. the EU institution that adjuncates disputes that arise under EU law is the
  4. which of the following was NOT one of the six original members of the European Coal and Steel Community
  5. the UN peacekeeping mission in _______ took over actual control of the government after a long civil war until elections could be held to choose a new government
  1. a Great Britain
  2. b the European Union
  3. c Cambodia
  4. d conditionality
  5. e European Court of Justice

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  1. the process by which supranational institutions come to replace the national ones
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Japan
  4. actions that would have been illegal under international law but which may be legal if taken in response to the illegal actions of another state
  5. effort needs to be made to limit warfare to the combatants and to protect civilians when possible, prisoners of war may not be killed, mistreated, or forced to disclose information beyond their name, rank, and serial number, armed forces must respect the nuetrality of the Red Cross in its support of civilians and POWs during war, participants can be held accountable for war crimes they commit (all of the above)

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  1. which of the following is NOT a principle stated in the UN Charterthey are effective only on rare occasions


  2. the first step in creating crosscutting economic linkages in Europe after World War II that would prevent future wars called for the merger of which industriessteel and coal


  3. the most successful NICs arethe ability to read and write a simple sentance


  4. the integration theory that asserts that technologoical and economic development lead to more and more supranational structures as states seek practical means to fulfill certain activies isfunctionalism


  5. what is the great weakness of the World Courtthe semiperiphery acts as a buffer between core and periphery


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