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  1. how do semiperiphery regions compact with periphery regions
  2. states from Western Europe, North America, and Japan/Pacific have joined together to form the ______, from which more than 90 percent of government assistance flows
  3. which of the following is NOT a function of the UN General Assembly
  4. how does the European Court of Justice differ from the World Court
  5. What can the permanent members of the UN Security Council do that nonpermenant members cannot
  1. a the Court of Justice has established its right to overrule national when it conflicts with EU law and cases before the Court of Justive can be brought by individuals and buisnesses (A and B)
  2. b Development Assistance Committee
  3. c passing binding resolutions
  4. d semiperiphery regions are growing more rapidly than periphery regions
  5. e veto resolutions

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  1. disaster relief
  2. General Assembly
  3. they are effective only on rare occasions
  4. socialists
  5. eliminating non-tariff barriers to trade

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  1. _____ is a fairly labor-intensive industry that does not require much capital to get started, thereby reduing the capital necessary for manufactruingtextiles


  2. which of the following newly industrialized countries are more city-states than nation-statesHong Kong and Singapore


  3. which of the following is NOT a principle stated in the UN Charterthey are effective only on rare occasions


  4. recurrent epidemics and widespread diarrhea, which kills millions of children each year, results frominadequate sanitation facilites


  5. loans made on favorable concessionary terms are made fromstates to states


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