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Sadler-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop New Edition: Level G: Units 1-5: Definitions Test

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  1. myopic
  2. piquant
  3. accost
  4. coherent
  5. hallow
  1. a verb, to set apart as holy or scared, sanctify, consecrate; to honor greatly, revere
  2. b adjective, nearsighted; lacking a broad, realistic view of a situation; lacking foresight or discernment
  3. c adjective, stimulating to the tase or mind; spicy, pungent; appealingly provocative
  4. d adj, holding or sticking together; making a logical whole; comprehensible, meaningful
  5. e verb, to approach and speak to first; to confront in a challenging or aggressive way

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  1. adj, capable of being held or defended
  2. noun, swiftness, rapidity of motion or action
  3. adverb, without delay or formality; briefly, concisely
  4. noun, a prickly or stinging plant; verb, to arouse displeasure, impatience, or anger; to vex or irritate severely
  5. adjective, open, not hidden, expressed or revealed in a way that is easily recognized

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  1. ubiquitousadjective, present or existing everywhere


  2. insatiableadj, so great or demanding as not to be satisfied


  3. incendiaryverb, to change from liquid to solid, thicken; to make inflexible or rigid


  4. taciturnadj, habitually silent or quiet, inclined to talk very little


  5. mundaneadj, relevant, appropriate, apropos, fitting


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