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  1. Debt slavery
  2. Myceneans
  3. Tragedy
  4. Persian Wars
  5. the Odyssey
  1. a a drama that ends in catastrophe
  2. b a person would serve as someone's slave in order to pay off a debt
  3. c was written by Homer and was about Odysseus' 10 year struggle to get home
  4. d A series of wars between Greek city-states and the Persian Empire (5th century B.C.).
  5. e People who replaced the Minoans as the chief power of the Aegean world

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  1. The capital of the ancient Minoan civilization; located on the island of Crete off the coast of present-day Greece.
  2. A form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives
  3. a system of government in which a small group holds power
  4. a war in which Athens and its allies were defeated by the league centered on Sparta 431-404 BC
  5. (Greek mythology) a great war fought between Greece and Troy

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  1. Delian Leaguewas formed to protect against threats from persia (after the persian war)


  2. MarathonPowerful city in Ancient Greece that was a leader in arts, sciences, philosophy, democracy and architecture


  3. Acropolisa fortified hilltop in an ancient Greek city.


  4. Iliadancient Athenian philosopher pupil of Socrates; teacher of Aristotle (428-347 BC)


  5. Democracya political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them


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