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  1. You should splint an open soft-tissue injury to an extremity because:
  2. In general, most open wounds should be sutured or otherwise closed no longer than ____ hours following the injury.
  3. During the process of the wound healing, hemostasis:
  4. a laceration that lies perpendicular to the skin's tension lines:
  5. A young woman attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. Bright red blood is spurting from the injury site. After applying direct pressure, you should:
  1. a elevate her extremity above the level of the heart
  2. b motion of the extremity may disrupt the blood clotting process.
  3. c 6 to 8 hours.
  4. d temporarily stops bleeding via vasoconstriction and platelet aggregation.
  5. e often remains open, heals more slowly, and is more likely to result in abnormal scar formation.

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  1. gangrene
  2. Erythema
  3. triggers mast cells to degranulate and synthesize special chemical mediators, which cause the injured area to become warm and red.
  4. The seriousness of a laceration depends on its depth and the structures that have been damaged.
  5. blood vessels in the dermis dilate, which increase blood flow to the skin and allows heat to dissipate

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  1. During the secondary phase of a blast injury:also called the superficial fascia and consist mainly of adipose tissue.


  2. When caring for an amputate body part:can result in excessive blood loss due to hemorrhage if the paramedic does not intervene rapidly.


  3. Which of the following substance is produced in the dermis and keeps the skin SUPPLE so that it doesn't crack.SEBUM


  4. Compared to the bleeding from an open wound, bleeding from a closed wound:is limited because the skin is unbroken.


  5. Which of the following statements regarding compartments syndrome is MOST correct?Crush syndrome can occur if the body parts is entrapped for more than 4 hours.


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