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  1. When applying a dressing and a bandage to a scalp wound, you should:
  2. A patients taking _______ would MOST likely experience a delay in the healing of a wound.
  3. Which of the following interventions encourages drainage from the site of a closed wound and reduces swelling?
  4. During the secondary phase of a blast injury:
  5. When muscles are crushed beyond repair, tissue necrosis develops and causes the release of harmful products. This process is called:
  1. a carefully assess the skull for an underlying fracture.
  2. b flying shrapnel may cause penetrating injuries.
  3. c Corticosteroids
  4. d Elevation
  5. e Rhabdomyolysis

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  1. histamine causes vasodilation and increased blood flow to the injury
  2. Hemorrhage
  3. fever and chills
  4. consist of nonliving cells that are continuously being shed.
  5. is limited because the skin is unbroken.

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  1. Which of the following statements regarding crush injury is MOST correct?The seriousness of a laceration depends on its depth and the structures that have been damaged.


  2. a laceration that lies perpendicular to the skin's tension lines:often remains open, heals more slowly, and is more likely to result in abnormal scar formation.


  3. You are dispatched to a residence for a man who cut his hand with a chainsaw. Upon arriving at the scene, your first action should be to:carefully assess the scene for safety hazards.


  4. When caring for a patient with an open chest wound, you should:early notification of the hospital is important


  5. In contrast to a contusion, a hematoma is:helps control the bleeding when used in conduction with direct pressure.


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