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  1. When muscles are crushed beyond repair, tissue necrosis develops and causes the release of harmful products. This process is called:
  2. Primary treatment in the prehospital setting for an abrasion involves:
  3. If your patient has open wound and which there is a risk of air being drawn into the vasculature, you should:
  4. Which of the following statements regarding lacerations is MOST correct?
  5. The skin is also referred to as the:
  1. a The seriousness of a laceration depends on its depth and the structures that have been damaged.
  2. b covering it LIGHTLY with a sterile dressing.
  3. c integument
  4. d apply an occlusive dressing
  5. e Rhabdomyolysis

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  1. Diabetes
  2. helps control the bleeding when used in conduction with direct pressure.
  3. frequently assess breathing sounds for indications of a pneumothorax.
  4. Degloving injuries.
  5. early notification of the hospital is important

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  1. During the process of the wound healing, hemostasis:histamine causes vasodilation and increased blood flow to the injury


  2. During the inflammation phase of the healing process:new blood vessels from the body attempts to bring oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissue.


  3. A crushing or tearing amputation:can result in excessive blood loss due to hemorrhage if the paramedic does not intervene rapidly.


  4. A 63 yr old diabetic woman presents with an open wound to her forearm that she experienced when she fell a week ago. She tells you that the wound has been draining purulent fluid, but has not been bleeding. The wound itself is red, inflamed, and warm to the touch. You should:frequently assess breathing sounds for indications of a pneumothorax.


  5. Which of the following patients is at HIGHEST risk for a pressure injury?Cardiac arrest patient with an ice pick impaled in the center of the back.


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