Organelles of Plant and Animal Cells

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What organelles are only found in animal cells?

Centriole, Lysosome (rare in plants), Cilia, Flagella, and a Small Vacuole

What organelles are only found in plant cells?

Cell Wall, Large Vacuole, and Chloroplasts

Shape of an animal cell


Shape of a plant cell

square or rectangular

Organelles in both cells

Cell membrane, Cytoplasm, Golgi Complex, Mitochondria, Nucleus, Ribosomes, Rough and Smooth ER, and cytoskeleton


Helpful in cell division and is part of the nucleus


Rare in plant cells and more common in animal cells. It digests molecules, old organelles, and foreign substances within the cell


Hairlike organelles that line the surface


Long, thread like extension of cells used mainly for movements that propels the cell through


stores food, water, and waste for the cell

Cell Wall and Membrane

protective barrier to the uncontrolled flow of water


Contains chlorophyll responsible for the plant's green color


Holds all the organelles.

Golgi Complex

Process and package substances produced in a cell


Power centers of cell


holds DNA and controls the functions of the cell


makes protein for the cell. Protein used to make other parts of the cell.

Rough ER

A path for substances to follow along. Has ribosomes on it which makes it rough.

Smooth ER

Appears smooth and has no ribosomes


maintains cell shape and are long strands

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