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  1. picayune
  2. garish
  3. jettison
  4. furtive
  5. indigent
  1. a (v.) to cast overboard, get rid of as unnecessary or burdensome
  2. b (adj.) needy, impoverished
  3. c (adj.) of little value or importance, paltry, measly; concerned with trifling matters, small-minded
  4. d (adj.) glaring; tastelessly showy or overdecorated in a vulgar or offensive way
  5. e (adj.) done slyly or stealthily, sneaky, secret, shifty; stolen

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  1. (adj.) far too great, exceeding reasonable limits, excessive
  2. (n.) a person or thing closely resembling or corresponding to another; a complement
  3. (n.) a person who hates or despises people
  4. (v.) to decorate, adorn, touch up; to improve by adding details
  5. (v.) to object or take exception to; (n.) an objection

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  1. raiment(adj.) needy, impoverished


  2. ephemeral(adj.) lasting only a short time, short-lived


  3. effrontery(n.) shameless boldness, impudence


  4. felicitous(adj.) appropriate, apt, well chosen; marked by well-being or good fortune, happy


  5. pertinacious(adj.) very persistent; holding firmly to a course of action or a set of beliefs; hard to get rid of, refusing to be put off or denied


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