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  1. autotroph
  2. photosynthesis
  3. anaphase
  4. metastasis
  5. chlorophyll
  1. a pigment that gives a chloroplast its green color; uses light energy to split water molecules during photosynthesis
  2. b spread of cancer cells beyond their original site in the body
  3. c organism that makes its own food
  4. d third phase of mitosis and of meiosis I and II, in which the sister chromatids separate and move toward the poles of the spindle
  5. e process by which plants use the sun's energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugars

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  1. process in which genetic material from two parents combines and produces offspring that differ genetically from either parent
  2. mass of cells that remain at their original site
  3. sequence of events from the production of a eukaryotic cell to the time the cell itself reproduces
  4. state of the cell cycle during which a cell carries out its metabolic processes and performs its functions in the body
  5. cellular process of making ATP without oxygen

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  1. chloroplastorganelle found in some plant cells and certain unicellular organisms where photosynthesis takes place


  2. anaerobicwithout oxygen


  3. spindledisease caused by severe disruption of the mechanisms that normally control the cell cycle


  4. telophasesecond stage of mitosis and of meiosis I and II when the spindle is fully formed and all of the chromosomes are held in place


  5. glycolysisprocess by which the nucleus and duplicated chromosomes of a cell divide and are evenly distributed, forming two daughter nuclei


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