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  1. consumer
  2. cytokinesis
  3. Krebs cycle
  4. centromere
  5. mitosis
  1. a process by which the cytoplasm of a cell is divided into two; usually follows mitosis and meiosis
  2. b region where two sister chromatids are joined tightly together
  3. c organism that obtains food by eating producers(autotrophs) or other consumers
  4. d stage of cellular respiration that finishes the breakdown of pyruvic acid molecules to carbon dioxide, releasing energy
  5. e process by which the nucleus and duplicated chromosomes of a cell divide and are evenly distributed, forming two daughter nuclei

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  1. all of a cell's chemical processes
  2. framework of microtubules that guide the movement of chromosmes during mitosis and meiosis
  3. one of a pair of identical chromosomes created before a cell divides
  4. requiring oxygen
  5. spread of cancer cells beyond their original site in the body

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  1. Calvin scalesequence of events from the production of a eukaryotic cell to the time the cell itself reproduces


  2. cell platesequence of events from the production of a eukaryotic cell to the time the cell itself reproduces


  3. chloroplastorganelle found in some plant cells and certain unicellular organisms where photosynthesis takes place


  4. telophasefinal stage of mitosis and of meiosis I and II, in which the chromosomes reach the spindle poles, nuclear envelopes form around each set of daughter chromosomes, and the nucleoli reappear


  5. sexual reproductionprocess in which a single cell or set of cells produces offspring that inherit all their genetic material from one parent


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