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  1. The sliding filament theory
  2. How many muscles does the human body contain?
  3. Isotonic
  4. Atrioventricular node
  5. Stretch Reflex
  1. a • Formation of cross bridges between actin and myosin filaments.
    • Reduction in distance between z-lines or sarcomere "power stroke"
    • ATP is required for muscle contraction
    o Myosin ATPase breaks down ATP as fiber
  2. b o Dynamic constant external resistance
  3. c 600 (40-50% body weight)
  4. d delays impulse by 1/10 of second, allowing atria to contract before ventricles
  5. e • Quickly stretched muscle
    • Initiate immediate contraction
    • Due to being stretched

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  1. surrounds single fiber
  2. the innervating alpha-motor neuron has an action potential
  3. the heart's pacemaker, located in the wall of the right atrium
  4. the electrical discharge that travels along a nerve fiber
  5. Initiates contraction of muscles and limb movements

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  1. force velocity curvestabilizes and supports components of skeletal muscle
    Surrounds muscle at each organization level.


  2. Central Nervous Systemconsists of the brain and spinal cord


  3. Three Parts to the structure of a Neuron:Cell Body, Dendrites, Axon


  4. Purkinje fibersrapidly spreads impulse to contract throughout ventricles


  5. Adaptations due to weight trainingIncreased cardiac output during endurance activity
    Increased oxygen delivery to skeletal muscle
    Increased endurance performance


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