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  1. Peripheral NERVOUS SYSTEM
  2. tropomin C
  3. Cardiovascular system
  4. A successful endurance athlete would likely have ________ compared to a sedentary person.
  5. Concentric
  1. a the sensory and motor neurons that connect the central nervous system to the rest of the body
  2. b a higher percentage of type I fibers
  3. c o Muscle shortens during force production
  4. d Transport O2 to tissues and removal of waste (CO2)
    Transport nutrients to tissues
    Regulation of body temperature
  5. e can bind calcium

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  1. o maximal for production
    o Speed of contraction
    o muscle fiber efficiency
  2. Increased ability to maintain cardiac output against increased BP during weight training
  3. the innervating alpha-motor neuron has an action potential
  4. Increased cardiac output during endurance activity
    Increased oxygen delivery to skeletal muscle
    Increased endurance performance
  5. the electrical discharge that travels along a nerve fiber

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  1. Golgi Tendon OrganATP production through aerobic metabolism


  2. The site where the motor neuron and muscle cell meet is called the:neuromuscular junction


  3. Eccentrico Muscle produces force but length increases


  4. Fast Fibers (Type IIx)It returns to original length
    Less overlap between actin and myosin


  5. Proprioception & Kinetic senseo maximal for production
    o Speed of contraction
    o muscle fiber efficiency


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