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  1. Autonomic
  2. Type IIx Fibers
  3. Atrioventricular node
  4. The motor neuron and all the muscle fibers it innervates are called a motor:
  5. Three Parts to the structure of a Neuron:
  1. a delays impulse by 1/10 of second, allowing atria to contract before ventricles
  2. b Unit
  3. c This nervous system provides involuntary control over smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands.
  4. d Cell Body, Dendrites, Axon
  5. e are fast glycolytic

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  1. • Located within the skeletal muscle
    • 2 functions: monitor stretch and length of muscle
    • initiate a contraction when muscle is stretched
  2. • How the body sense where it is in space
    • Receptors: Located in the muscles and tendons
    • Info from proprioceptors is sent to the brain
  3. Channels for K+ open and it leaves cell
  4. • Type I fibers
    • Slow-Twitch
    • Slow-Oxidative fibers
    • Always Start first
    • Aerobic
  5. episysium

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  1. Parasympathetic Nervous Systemthe division of the autonomic nervous system that calms the body, conserving its energy (Rest and Digest)


  2. The formation of cross bridges in the contractile process in skeletal muscle is initiated by:Actin and Myosin


  3. Endomysiumsurrounds single fiber


  4. Synapsethe electrical discharge that travels along a nerve fiber


  5. A successful endurance athlete would likely have ________ compared to a sedentary person.neuromuscular junction


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