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  1. Concentric
  2. Connective Tissue
  3. The motor neuron and all the muscle fibers it innervates are called a motor:
  4. tropomin 1
  5. The layer of connective tissue that surrounds the outside of the skeletal muscle is called the:
  1. a Holds Actin
  2. b stabilizes and supports components of skeletal muscle
    Surrounds muscle at each organization level.
  3. c Unit
  4. d episysium
  5. e o Muscle shortens during force production

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  1. a higher percentage of type I fibers
  2. • Fast-Twitch Fibers
    • Fast- Glycolytic
    • Anaerobic
  3. surrounds single fiber
  4. • Located in the tendon
    • 2 functions: monitor and respond to tension in tendon
    • inhibits actin of muscle to prevent injury
  5. Initiates contraction of muscles and limb movements

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  1. Sarcopenia• 10% muscle mass lost is between 25-50 years of age
    • additional 40% lost between 50-80 years of age
    • Also a loss of fibers and gain in slow fibers
    • Also due to reduced physical activity


  2. Peripheral NERVOUS SYSTEMconsists of the brain and spinal cord


  3. Isometrico Dynamic constant external resistance


  4. As Sarco relaxesactin filaments slide over myosin.
    Z-lines approach end of myosin filaments


  5. Epimysiumsurround entire muscle


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