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  1. John Adams
  2. Crispus Attucks
  3. John Paul Jones
  4. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  5. Marquis de Lafayette
  1. a American naval commander in the American Revolution (1747-1792) said " I have not yet begun to fight."
  2. b Colonial man of African descent who was killed in Boston Massacre
  3. c French soldier who served under George Washington in the American Revolution
  4. d United States suffragist and feminist; Co-founded the 1848 Women's Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls, New York
  5. e Massachusetts patriot; 2nd President

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  1. invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts
  2. inventor of the steam boat that could sail against current and wind
  3. Former slave who helped slaves escape on the Underground Railroad
  4. President of United States who had territorial aspirations, leading to conflict with Mexico, resulting in a war.
  5. Massachusetts patriot; member of Sons of Liberty; leader of Boston Tea Party

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  1. Sojourner Truthleader at Jamestown, Virginia; "If you don't work, you don't eat."


  2. Cyrus McCormickColonial man of African descent who was killed in Boston Massacre


  3. Thomas Jeffersonauthor of the Declaration of Independence; President at the time of the Louisiana Purchase


  4. Thomas Paineauthor of the pamphlet "Common Sense"


  5. James Monroe5th President of the U.S. 1817-1825 acquired Florida from Spain; declared Monroe Doctrine to keep foreign powers out.


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