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  1. James Oglethorpe
  2. John Marshall
  3. Marquis de Lafayette
  4. King George III
  5. Samuel Adams
  1. a King of England during the American Revolution
  2. b French soldier who served under George Washington in the American Revolution
  3. c founder of Georgia as a colony for debtors
  4. d Chief Justice of the Supreme Court establish judicial review
  5. e Massachusetts patriot; member of Sons of Liberty; leader of Boston Tea Party

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  1. United States suffragist and feminist; Co-founded the 1848 Women's Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls, New York
  2. inventor who patented the telegraph
  3. former slave who became an abolitionist and women's rights activist; "Ain't I a Woman?" speech
  4. The founder of the Quaker colony, Pennsylvania
  5. author of the Declaration of Independence; President at the time of the Louisiana Purchase

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  1. George WashingtonMilitary commander of the American Revolution. He was the first elected president of the United States (1789-1799). (p. 581)


  2. Cyrus McCormickColonial man of African descent who was killed in Boston Massacre


  3. James MonroePresident during the War of 1812; Father of the US Constitution


  4. Abraham LincolnU.S. statesmen, 16th president. Led Union to victory in Civil War. Assassinated.


  5. James K. PolkPresident of United States who had territorial aspirations, leading to conflict with Mexico, resulting in a war.


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