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  1. Scalded skin syndrome
  2. arrangement of staph
  3. TSST
  4. what time did i leave off?
  5. Only staph aureus will ferment on a mannitol plate because
  1. a Toxic Shock Syndrome #1 (superantigen)
  2. b can be caused by staphcaused by the release of a toxin that causes babys skin to peal off as if they were burned
  3. c a low pH
  4. d 28.51
  5. e grape-like clusters

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  1. Staph
  2. no, because it has the beta lactamse enzyme
  3. osmotic pressure
  4. nose, armpit, inguinal
  5. something the organism produces that hurts the host in some way

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  1. Resistance factorshas beta lactamse enzyme(penicilin aces)


  2. yellow color meansacid production on mannitol plate for staph aureus


  3. Staph aureus: morphology? Gram stain?gram positive, cocci,clusters


  4. Hemolysins are actuallyhas beta lactamse enzyme(penicilin aces)


  5. Staph epidermidiswhitish; everywhere on skin;positive for Catalase, positive for salt


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