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  1. stimulate a large number of T-cells all at the same time;non-specific
  2. Pyoderma
  3. Only staph aureus will ferment on a mannitol plate because
  4. Toxic shock syndrome
  5. Staph means
  1. a Superantigens(Toxic Shock Syndrome #1)
  2. b caused by staph;means hot skin
  3. c can be caused by staph;a specific toxin that causes BP to drop and patients togo into shock
  4. d clusters
  5. e a low pH

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  1. Cytoxins, Enterotoxins, REsistance factors, immune avoidance
  2. Staph aureus( very common organism)
  3. destorys sometime of cell;
  4. Skin peels off;causes connections b/w epithelial cells in the skin to come apart
  5. grape-like clusters

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  1. how do you treat staph a infection?Pyoderma,Scalded skin syndrome,Food poisoning,Toxic Shock syndrome


  2. MRSAMethacilin Resistant Staph aureus (also resistant to many antibiotics)


  3. RBC's (Hemolysins),Leukocidins(WBC's),TSS1,coagulase,exfoliative toxinCytotoxins lyse


  4. 100,000 cases per year OF WHAT? And 20k ppl die of this disease per year in the USAqSuperantigens(Toxic Shock Syndrome #1)


  5. staph infections tend to formboils,can cause folliculitis, impetigo


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