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  1. Virulence factor
  2. Resistance factors
  3. #1 cause of pus producing skin infection
  4. Immune avoidance
  5. Only staph aureus will ferment on a mannitol plate because
  1. a has beta lactamse enzyme(penicilin aces)
  2. b a low pH
  3. c Staph produces protien A (FC receptor cant do its job)
  4. d something the organism produces that hurts the host in some way
  5. e Staph aureus( very common organism)

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  1. Staph
  2. grape-like clusters
  3. Pyoderma,Scalded skin syndrome,Food poisoning,Toxic Shock syndrome
  4. causes food poisoning;specific toxin, irratates Vegas Nerve (cranial nerve #10 )
  5. clusters

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  1. If you have a staph infection is Penicilin a good drug of choice?no, because it has the beta lactamse enzyme


  2. Staph epidermidisyellowish;positive for DNase, Catalyase,HEMOLYSIS,Salt,COAGULASE


  3. Staph aureus is considered normal innose, armpit, inguinal


  4. 100,000 cases per year OF WHAT? And 20k ppl die of this disease per year in the USAqMRSA


  5. yellow color meansclusters


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