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  1. Staph aureus
  2. babys will usually get staph aureus in
  3. stimulate a large number of T-cells all at the same time;non-specific
  4. RBC's (Hemolysins),Leukocidins(WBC's),TSS1,coagulase,exfoliative toxin
  5. Staph means
  1. a clusters
  2. b yellowish;positive for DNase, Catalyase,HEMOLYSIS,Salt,COAGULASE
  3. c mouth, then it spreads from there
  4. d Superantigens(Toxic Shock Syndrome #1)
  5. e Cytotoxins lyse

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  1. no, because it has the beta lactamse enzyme
  2. Methacilin Resistant Staph aureus (also resistant to many antibiotics)
  3. something the organism produces that hurts the host in some way
  4. gram positive, cocci,clusters
  5. can be caused by staphcaused by the release of a toxin that causes babys skin to peal off as if they were burned

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  1. one of the few organisms that can infect unbroken skinerythromycin, hexachlorophene


  2. Staph aureus is considered normal innose, armpit, inguinal


  3. characterized by certain virulence factorssomething the organism produces that hurts the host in some way


  4. Skin has low pH and highyellowish;positive for DNase, Catalyase,HEMOLYSIS,Salt,COAGULASE


  5. Resistance factorshas beta lactamse enzyme(penicilin aces)


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