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Microbial Diseases of the skin Test

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  1. Staph means
  2. Toxic shock syndrome
  3. Food poisoning
  4. casues vomitting; you get it really fast;most common type of food poisoning
  5. Only staph aureus will ferment on a mannitol plate because
  1. a can be caused by staph
  2. b Enterotoxin ( Entero means in the colin)
  3. c clusters
  4. d a low pH
  5. e can be caused by staph;a specific toxin that causes BP to drop and patients togo into shock

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  1. Cytotoxins
  2. mouth, then it spreads from there
  3. Methacilin Resistant Staph aureus (also resistant to many antibiotics)
  4. no, because it has the beta lactamse enzyme
  5. Superantigens(Toxic Shock Syndrome #1)

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  1. Staph epidermidiswhitish; everywhere on skin;positive for Catalase, positive for salt


  2. Pyodermacaused by staph;means hot skin


  3. Cytotoxincauses food poisoning;specific toxin, irratates Vegas Nerve (cranial nerve #10 )


  4. Enterotoxindestorys sometime of cell;


  5. Staph aureusyellowish;positive for DNase, Catalyase,HEMOLYSIS,Salt,COAGULASE


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