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  1. Atacama Desert
  2. Amazon River
  3. human geography
  4. spatial inequality
  5. colonization
  1. a the river that carries the world's greatest quantity of water
  2. b A system where one country extends its control over another area, especially for economic benefit.
  3. c the unequal distribution of wealth or resources in a geographic area
  4. d one of the world's driest places
  5. e the study of people and culture, past or present

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  1. the ground level of the rainforest
  2. Latin America's poorest country
  3. ancient civilization found in Mexico and Central America
  4. a change in a way of life to suit new conditions
  5. A statistical comparison created in 1990 by the UN to measure the development and quality of life in a nation by looking at life expectancy, education, GNP, and other standards of living

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  1. Panama Canala man-made connection between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans


  2. Columbian Exchange75% of Latin Americans live here


  3. physical geographythe study of people and culture, past or present


  4. Roman CatholicismLatin America's dominant religion


  5. ecotourismLovett's Siempre Verde is located here


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