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  1. carbon-oxygen cycle
  2. Angel Falls
  3. Inca Empire
  4. biodiversity
  5. Mayan civilization
  1. a ancient civilization found in Mexico and Central America
  2. b ancient civilization along western coast of South America
  3. c process by which carbon and oxygen cycle among plants, people and animals and the environment
  4. d the diversity of plant and animal life in a particular habitat
  5. e the world's highest waterfall

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  1. The average number of years an individual can be expected to live, given current social, economic, and medical conditions. Life expectancy at birth is the average number of years a newborn infant can expect to live.
  2. farming in which only enough food to feed one's family is produced
  3. A statistical comparison created in 1990 by the UN to measure the development and quality of life in a nation by looking at life expectancy, education, GNP, and other standards of living
  4. Latin America's poorest country
  5. Human Development Index

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  1. BrazilHuman Development Index


  2. Cubathe only communist country in the western hemisphere


  3. dictatorLovett's Siempre Verde is located here


  4. traditional culturecustoms and ways of life handed down by ancestors


  5. isthmusPolitical leader who rules a country with absolute power, usually by force and without the consent of the people


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