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  1. Which of the following is multiaxial?
  2. Most bones develop from
  3. The protein fibers of the bone matrix are composed of
  4. The ___of a vertebra bears the most weight.
  5. Which lever type is most common in the human body?
  1. a hyaline cartilage.
  2. b Collagen.
  3. c centrum.
  4. d the coxal joint.
  5. e third.

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  1. osteoporosis.
  2. Osteoid tissue.
  3. temporal bone.
  4. a dens.
  5. The Talus

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  1. A soft callus forms duringmedial epicondyle.


  2. An abnormal lateral spinal curvature, which is more common in adolescent girls is calleddiarthrois.


  3. Hydroxyapatite refers the crystal of bone which is made primarly of12


  4. This bone, which resembles the blade of a plow, forms the inferior part of the nasal septum and is called thevomer.


  5. The use of anabolic steroids by adolescent boys willcalcium phosphate crystals in the bone matrix.


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