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  1. A small rounded process is called a ___ while a massive process is called a(n)___.
  2. Which of these bursae bis not associated with the shoulder joint?
  3. the mandibular condoyles articulates with the
  4. A shallow, broad or elongated basin in bone is called a(N)
  5. Which movement is limited to the foot?
  1. a fossa.
  2. b olecranon bursa.
  3. c turbercle, trochanter.
  4. d mandibular fossae of the temporal bone
  5. e dorsiflexion

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  1. albumin,hyalurinic acid
  2. calcaneal tendon.
  3. the atlanto-occipital joint
  4. vomer.
  5. Humerus.

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  1. Appositional growth of a long bone has the effect ofincreasing the diameter of the bone.


  2. Which of the following skull bones are paired?parietal.


  3. The skeletal system performs all of the following functions exceptregulation of body temperature.


  4. A costal cartilage connects each __to the ___.rib, sternum


  5. Which part of the mandible articulates with the cranium?the mandibular notch.


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