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  1. Unlike other joints, a ___does not join two bones to each other.
  2. If thyroid tumor secreted an excessive amount of calcitonin, we would expect
  3. Bones that serve as levers and are moved by skeletal muscle to produce movement are termed
  4. Hypocalcaemia can result from any of the following expect
  5. The functional and structural classifications that best describe the tibiofibular joint are
  1. a an elevated level of osteoblast activity.
  2. b gomphosis.
  3. c long bones.
  4. d amphiarthroses, fibrous joint
  5. e excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone.

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  1. .83
  2. collagen.
  3. scoliosis.
  4. mandibular fossae of the temporal bone
  5. Outer space, perforating

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  1. If the pH of blood drops below 7.35, your body is said to be in a state of acidosis. To counteract this acidosis, you would expect your kidneys to excrete more hydrogen ions, your breathing rate to increase to blow off more carbon dioxide, and your bone toincrease the activity of osteoclasts.


  2. Which type of joint is the epiphyseal plate?The patellofemoral joint.


  3. One thing calcitrol does that parathyroid hormone does not isthe occipital bone.


  4. At the epiphyseal plate, the zone of calcificationa dens.


  5. Which of these is a first class lever?The patellofemoral joint.


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