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  1. the mandibular condoyles articulates with the
  2. Not all compact bone is organized around a central canal with concentric lamellae. Lamellae found in the inner and outer boundaries of dense bone run parallel to the bone surface. These lamellae are called ____
  3. A metocarpophlangeal joint is a
  4. Which one of the following is the weakest joint?
  5. Appositional growth of a long bone has the effect of
  1. a ball and socket joint.
  2. b Ball and socket(head of humerus, glenoid fossa of scapula)
  3. c increasing the diameter of the bone.
  4. d interstitial.
  5. e mandibular fossae of the temporal bone

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  1. lap
  2. Lambdoid,squamous
  3. bone only.
  4. Mastoid.
  5. Their mechanical advantage may be greater or less than 1.0

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  1. Which type of joint is the epiphyseal plate?the atlanto-occipital joint


  2. Each clavicle articulates witha dens.


  3. Which of these is a first class lever?The patellofemoral joint.


  4. If the pH of blood drops below 7.35, your body is said to be in a state of acidosis. To counteract this acidosis, you would expect your kidneys to excrete more hydrogen ions, your breathing rate to increase to blow off more carbon dioxide, and your bone toincrease the activity of osteoclasts.


  5. Two bones have auricular surfaces, namelyhyaline cartilage.


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