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  1. Formation of ___is a stage in tramembranous ossification.
  2. Which of these bones is in the antebrachium
  3. The joint between the ribs and costal cartilage is ____ joint which is specifically called a _____.
  4. The ____bone of the skull articulates with the vertebral column.
  5. As bone grows in the child only two areas of cartilage are left at each epiphysis. These two areas are
  1. a cartilaginous, synchondrosis
  2. b articular cartilage and epiphyseal plate.
  3. c Ulna.
  4. d occipital.
  5. e Osteoid tissue.

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  1. excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone.
  2. Circumduction.
  3. false ribs.
  4. turbercle, trochanter.
  5. temporal bone.

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  1. The most serious effect of severe hypocalcaemia is likely to belaryngospasm and suffocation.


  2. Suppose you cup your hands to hold some water. This action would most likely involvemental foramen.


  3. A shallow, broad or elongated basin in bone is called a(N)fossa.


  4. The achilles heel is thebursa.


  5. There are ___ vertebrae and pairs of ribscentrum.


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