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  1. The___is fractured more often than any other bone.
  2. The movement of the foot where the soles are turned medially is____.
  3. A tendon sheath is a modified
  4. In herniated, ruptured or slipped disc the area of fibrocartilage called the ___cracks and the ___ oozes out and may put painful pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerve.
  5. A farmers finger is pulled completely off his hand by a piece of farm machinery. This is
  1. a an avulsion.
  2. b Clavicle
  3. c annulus fibrosus,nucleus pulposus.
  4. d An inversion.
  5. e bursa.

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  1. abduction.
  2. Osteoclasts.
  3. centrum.
  4. fossa.
  5. comminuted.

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  1. As bone grows in the child only two areas of cartilage are left at each epiphysis. These two areas arerib, sternum


  2. The lambdoid suture separates the parietal bones fromthe occipital bone.


  3. Which of the following is true of joints that are first-class levers.Their mechanical advantage may be greater or less than 1.0


  4. A certain lever has a fulcrum at one end, a tendon exerting an effort of 5 cm distal to the fulcrum and acts againt a resistance of 6 cm distal to the effort. What is the mechanical advantage?diarthrois.


  5. The protein fibers of the bone matrix are composed ofCollagen.


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