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  1. The fetal skull has all of the following fontanels except for a/an
  2. The suture between the temporal bone and parietal bone and between the temporal bone and sphenoid bone is called____.
  3. Each clavicle articulates with
  4. To be sitting on a sofa and raise your arm to rest it on the back of the sofa involves___at the shoulder joint.
  5. The most serious effect of severe hypocalcaemia is likely to be
  1. a occipital.
  2. b manubrium and scapula.
  3. c lap
  4. d abduction.
  5. e laryngospasm and suffocation.

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  1. the healing of a fracture.
  2. amphiarthroses, fibrous joint
  3. parathyroid hormone.
  4. hydroxapatite.
  5. The patellofemoral joint.

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  1. The meniscus is composed ofcalcaneal tendon.


  2. An individual has the following symptoms: increased excitability of the nervous system and increased muscle spasms particularly in the hands and feet. This individual most likely is suffering fromproximal radioulnar joint between head of the radius and radial notch of the ulna.


  3. The protein fibers of the bone matrix are composed ofbone only.


  4. A joint, such as the knee or elbow, which is freely moveable is termeddiarthrois.


  5. A small rounded process is called a ___ while a massive process is called a(n)___.Colles.


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