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Gontesky: renaissance Test

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  1. Renaissance
  2. Hohann Guttenberg
  3. Kepler: early 1600's
  4. Renaissance pope
  5. Erasmus
  1. a worldy, vatican library, sistine chapel
  2. b printing press, moveable type
  3. c mathematician, prove copernicus correct
  4. d Rebirth
  5. e Dutch (humanist), The Praise of folly, Free Will

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Utopia, beheaded b/c wouldn't say king in charge
  2. Spin, Absolute monarchy, new worl=Christopher Columbus
  3. Florence, Italy
  4. Catholic Church said some books not suppose to read
  5. eand of hundren years war, ottoman empire takes Constantinople, tudor dynasty=england

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  1. Elizabeth I:1558-1603Virgin Queen


  2. Pope Leo Xpart of Medici family, wanted indulgences to build st. peter's basilica


  3. CopernicusDutch (humanist), The Praise of folly, Free Will


  4. Henry VIII: 1509-1547writer, early humanist


  5. IndulgencesRebirth


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