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  1. Early Renaissance
  2. Raphael
  3. Sir Thomas More
  4. Renaissance
  5. machiavelli: 1513
  1. a Rebirth
  2. b Utopia, beheaded b/c wouldn't say king in charge
  3. c The Prince, how to be successful in politics
  4. d painter architect
  5. e 1400-1475

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  1. part of Medici family, wanted indulgences to build st. peter's basilica
  2. printing press, moveable type
  3. protestant reformation, 95 theses, excommunicated at Diet of Worms: 1521, Lutheranism
  4. Virgin Queen
  5. Pope Paul III(1534-39), church reform in Catholic, get ppl. come back to church, council of trent=church doctrine

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  1. john calvineand of hundren years war, ottoman empire takes Constantinople, tudor dynasty=england


  2. shakespearpoet playwright


  3. Kepler: early 1600'swriter, early humanist


  4. ErasmusDutch (humanist), The Praise of folly, Free Will


  5. Henry VIII: 1509-1547anglican Church, England separated from Roman Chuurch, Holy Roman Empire (The other Bolin Girl)


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