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  1. Erasmus
  2. Copernicus
  3. Sir Thomas More
  4. Elizabeth I:1558-1603
  5. Michelangelo
  1. a Utopia, beheaded b/c wouldn't say king in charge
  2. b heliocentrism "the sun center and earth goes around the sun"
  3. c Virgin Queen
  4. d painter, sculptor, architect, engineer (sistine chapel)
  5. e Dutch (humanist), The Praise of folly, Free Will

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  1. Painter
  2. Banking, politics, patrons, platonic academy-throw back to ideas of plato, rich family
  3. writer, early humanist
  4. The Prince, how to be successful in politics
  5. printing press, moveable type

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  1. RaphaelDutch (humanist), The Praise of folly, Free Will


  2. john calvineand of hundren years war, ottoman empire takes Constantinople, tudor dynasty=england


  3. RenaissanceRebirth


  4. High Renaissance1475-1550


  5. Early Renaissance1400-1475


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