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  1. Martin luther
  2. shakespear
  3. Renaissance
  4. Ferdinand & Isabella
  5. Titian
  1. a Spin, Absolute monarchy, new worl=Christopher Columbus
  2. b poet playwright
  3. c Painter
  4. d protestant reformation, 95 theses, excommunicated at Diet of Worms: 1521, Lutheranism
  5. e Rebirth

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  1. 1400-1475
  2. anglican Church, England separated from Roman Chuurch, Holy Roman Empire (The other Bolin Girl)
  3. heliocentrism "the sun center and earth goes around the sun"
  4. 1550-1625
  5. Catholic Church said some books not suppose to read

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  1. Michelangelopainter, sculptor, architect, engineer (sistine chapel)


  2. Hohann Guttenbergprinting press, moveable type


  3. Raphaelpainter architect


  4. Erasmusheliocentrism "the sun center and earth goes around the sun"


  5. Where did the renaissance start?Florence, Italy


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