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  1. Dr. George Washington
  2. Wilma Rudolph
  3. James "Patch" Talley
  4. P.B. Downing
  5. 1965
  1. a Who invented the mailbox?
  2. b Who invented over 300 products from the peanut?
  3. c Who was the first woman to win three Olympic Gold Medals in track?
  4. d Who was the first African-American male to become mayor of Spartanburg?
  5. e What year did the Voting Rights Act become law?

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  1. Who was the first African-American to hold a Democratic Leadership position in the House of Representatives?
  2. Who is the only black woman to run for President of the U.S. (1972) and was re-elected for Congress six times?
  3. Who was the first African-American woman to win a Tony Award for best leading actress?
  4. Who was the first African-American man to reach the North Pole?
  5. What famous speech took place at the March on Washington?

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  1. Jackie RobinsonWho founded Ebony and Jet magazines?


  2. President Lyndon B. JohnsonWhich President of the U.S. signed the Voting Rights Act in 1965?


  3. Daniel Hale WilliamsWho is the first African-American to successfully perform open heart surgery?


  4. Ernie DavisWhat was the first state to declare Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a legal holiday?


  5. Dr. KirklandWho invented the elevator?


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