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  1. Granville T. Woods
  2. Jackie Robinson
  3. Arthur Mitchell, who founded the Dance Theatre of Harlem
  4. Leon Sullivan
  5. James Brown
  1. a Who was the first African-American to become a permanent member of a major ballet company?
  2. b Who invented the boiler furnace?
  3. c Who was the first African-American to serve on the Board of Directors of General Motors?
  4. d Who became the first black player in Major League BAseball in 1947?
  5. e Who is named the "Godfather of Soul"?

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  1. Who was responsible for more than 300 products created from the peanut, including soap and ink; 118 products from the sweet potato, including flour, shoe polish, and candy; 75 products from the pecan, and many other products from cotton, dyes, and wood shavings?
  2. Who was the first African-American to become Chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae and to lead a Fortune 500 company?
  3. On what date was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated?
  4. What was the reason Ralph Bunche won the Nobel Peace Prize?
  5. What two singing groups created the "Motown Sound"?

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  1. Daniel Hale WilliamsWho invented the boiler furnace?


  2. Rudolph Dawkins for Dawkins Middle SchoolWho was the first African-American educator that had a middle school named after him?


  3. Berry Gordy, Jr.Who is the founder of Motown Records in Detroit, Michigan?


  4. Vanessa WilliamsWhat African-American woman was the first to become a United States judge?


  5. Stokely CarmichaelWho was the first to popularize the slogan, "Black Power"?


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