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  1. Phylicia Rashad
  2. April 4, 1968
  3. The March on Washington of 1963
  4. Maggie Lee Walker who founded the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in Virginia
  5. Lorraine Hansberry and the play was "Raisin in the Sun"
  1. a Who was the first African-American woman to win a Tony Award for best leading actress?
  2. b Who was the first black woman bank president; what was the name of the bank she founded; where was the bank located?
  3. c What was the largest civil rights protest in America?
  4. d What African-American woman was the first to write a broadway play?
  5. e On what date was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated?

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  1. Who invented the elevator?
  2. Who is the first African-American to discover a method to store blood and who made blood banks more effective?
  3. Who was the first African-American female to integrate Spartanburg High School?
  4. Who invented the shoe making machine?
  5. Who was the first to popularize the slogan, "Black Power"?

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  1. Tony FisherWho was the first African-American to become police chief of Spartanburg?


  2. Henry O. TannerWho was the first African-American painter to gain international fame?


  3. Wilberforce UniversityWho was the first African-American to walk in space?


  4. Dr. Benjamin CarsonWho was the first African-American woman astronaut?


  5. John StandardWhat African-American woman made history when she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man?


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