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  1. Understatement/Meiosis
  2. Amphimacer
  3. Catalexis
  4. Pentameter
  5. Antithesis
  1. a The balancing or contrasting of one term against another
  2. b Five feet
  3. c The deliberate representation of something less than it is for the purpose of ironic contrast
  4. d An extra unaccented syllable at the ending of a line after the regular meter ends
  5. e A foot with stressed, unstressed, and stressed syallables

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  1. The repeting of a word or phrase in a poem
  2. A lyric poem in which the speaker tells an audience about a dramatic moment in his/her life, and in doing so, reveals his/her character
  3. A reference to another work of literature or previous event in history
  4. 5-lined stanza
  5. This involves a situation in which there is an incongruence between apperance and reality, or between expectation and fulfillment, or between the actual situation and what would seem appropriate

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  1. Carpe Diem2-lined stanza


  2. Gramatical Pause/CaesuraA pause introduced int the reading of a line by a mark of punctuation


  3. ElegyA poem of lament, mediating on the death of an individual


  4. Blank VerseUnrhymed lines of iambic pentameter


  5. SynecdocheAn exaggeration for the sake of emphasis which is not meant to be taken literally


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