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  1. Shakespearean/English (Sonnet)
  2. Catalexis
  3. Mood
  4. Epic
  5. Pastoral
  1. a An extra unaccented syllable at the ending of a line after the regular meter ends
  2. b A sonnet that contains three quatrains and concluding couplet in iambic pentameter, rhyming "abab cdcd efef gg" or "abba cddc efef gg"
  3. c Poem extolling virtues of country life
  4. d The reader's attitude toward the subject
  5. e A long, dignified narrative poem which gives an account of a hero important to his nation or race

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  1. An expression in which the words are used in a non-literal sense to present a figure, picture, or image
  2. Short, witty poem expressing a single thought or observation
  3. A unit of meter. It can have two or three syllables and generally consists of one stressed and one or more unstressed syllables.
  4. 4-lined stanza
  5. A form of extended metaphor in which objects, persons, and actions in a narrative are equated with meanings that lie outside the narrative itself

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  1. MetaphorThe use of compatible, harmonious sounds to produce a pleasing, melodious effect


  2. SynecdocheThe technique of mentioning a part of something to represent a whole


  3. Sonnet6-lined stanza


  4. HeptameterSeven feet


  5. Dramatic MonologuePoetry that is intended primarily to teach a lesson


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