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  1. Apostrophe
  2. Pun
  3. Foot
  4. Antonomasia
  5. Spenserian (Sonnet)
  1. a Proper name used as a noun
  2. b A specialized form of the Shakespearean sonnet with linking rhyme "abab bcbc cdcd ee"
  3. c The addressing directly of someone or something usually not present or alive as though it were present or alive
  4. d A unit of meter. It can have two or three syllables and generally consists of one stressed and one or more unstressed syllables.
  5. e A play on words based on the similarity of sound between two words with different meanings

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  1. A run on line, continuing into the next without a grammatical break
  2. An extra unaccented syllable at the beginning of a line before the meter begins
  3. A foot with stressed, unstressed, and stressed syallables
  4. A reference to another work of literature or previous event in history
  5. Poetry's rhythm, or its pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. It is measured in units of feet

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  1. TetrameterSeven feet


  2. Rhyme SchemeA seven-lined stanza of iambic pentameter rhyming "ababbcc"


  3. StructureThe internal organization of a poem's content


  4. Eye RhymeRhyme that appears correct from the spelling but is not from the pronunciation


  5. Horatian (Satire)The type of formal satire which is "biting, bitter, and angry"


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