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  1. Gramatical Pause/Caesura
  2. Amphibrach
  3. Spenserian (Sonnet)
  4. Tragic Irony
  5. Septet
  1. a 7-lined stanza
  2. b A specialized form of the Shakespearean sonnet with linking rhyme "abab bcbc cdcd ee"
  3. c A foot with unstressed, stressed, unstressed syllables
  4. d In this, characters use words that mean one thing to them, but have a foreboding, different meaning to those who understand the situation better
  5. e A pause introduced int the reading of a line by a mark of punctuation

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  1. A rigid 14 line verse form, with variable structure and rhyme scheme according to the type
  2. Poetry that attacks folly through ridicule
  3. The repeting of a word or phrase in a poem
  4. An exaggeration for the sake of emphasis which is not meant to be taken literally
  5. Words with identical sounds but different meanings

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  1. Double EntendreA single word having more than one meaning, one of which is indecent


  2. Italian/Petrarchan (Sonnet)An octave and sestet, between which a break in thought occurs. The traditional rhyme scheme is "abba abba cde cde" (or, in the sestet, any variation of c, d, and e)


  3. MoodA figure of speech involving a turn or change of sense


  4. Octet (Octave)Four feet


  5. SatireA long, dignified narrative poem which gives an account of a hero important to his nation or race


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