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  1. Satirical Poetry
  2. Understatement/Meiosis
  3. Imagery
  4. Cacophony
  5. Metonymy
  1. a Poetry that attacks folly through ridicule
  2. b The representation through language of sense experience
  3. c The deliberate representation of something less than it is for the purpose of ironic contrast
  4. d The use of inharmonious sounds in close conjuction for effect; opposite of euphony
  5. e The substitution of something closely associated with an object for the object itself

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  1. The type of formal satire which is "biting, bitter, and angry"
  2. Humorous nonsense verse in five anapestic lines rhyming "aabba", a-lines being trimeter and b-lines being dimeter
  3. 5-lined stanza
  4. Four feet
  5. Deliberately pokes fun at something with the intention of bringing about improvement.

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  1. Carpe Diem2-lined stanza


  2. BalladA division of a poem based on thought or form


  3. Triple RhymeThree syllables of words rhyme


  4. DenotationThe literal or dictionary meaning of a word


  5. RimeOld spelling of rhyme, which is the repetition of like sounds at regular intervals, employed in "versification", the writing of verse


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