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stories from long ago, that may be true, but can't be proven


a series of rulers from the same family


a hard metal that is a mixture of copper and tin


a kind of grass with small seeds--used to make cereal

oracle bones

Animal bones or turtle shells that people believed could tell the future

Mandate of Heaven

The god-given right to rule China

Huang He

Yellow River; also called "China's Sorrow" because it wipes out villages when it floods


A Chinese Dynasty that was known for its bronze work


Dynasty that overthrew the Shang; Ruled under the Mandate of Heaven

Shi Huang di (Qin)

1st Emperor of China; had the Terra Cotta army built for his tomb

What is more important than the individual?

The family


Deceased family members that are very important to the Chinese; they often prayed to ancestors

To which dynasty did China's first emperor belong?

The Qin (Chin) Dynasty

How did people from the Han dynasty get government jobs?

They had to take civil service exams to prove their ability

Silk Road

The trade route between China and Europe; it's how silk got out of China

Chinese inventions

crossbow; gun powder; compass; paper; paper money; ship's rudder; pasta

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