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  1. pectoralis major and minor
  2. deltoid
  3. frontal bone
  4. cell membrane
  5. hair follicle
  1. a forehead
  2. b outer surface of the cell
  3. c skin opening that contains root of hair within it
  4. d across the front of the chest
  5. e covers shoulder, lifts arm

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  1. produce movement through contraction and extension
  2. carries messages to and from the brain and coordinates body functions
  3. either side of the head, directly above the ears and below the parietal bones
  4. located mid forearm on the outside of the arm, straightens the fingers
  5. support, protects and holds the body together

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  1. occipitalis musclenape of the neck and draws the scalp back


  2. catabolismchemical process by which cells receive nutrients for cell growth and reproduction


  3. quadratus labii inferiorislocated below or smaller than


  4. abductor musclesrespond to conscious commands


  5. thoracic vertebraespine, sternum/breast bone


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