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  1. pericardium
  2. circulatory, vascular system
  3. tricep
  4. triangularis
  5. axons
  1. a threadlike fibers extending from the cell
  2. b length of the upper arm posteiorly
  3. c tough outer membrane that encases the heart
  4. d below the corners of the mouthdraw the corners of mouth down
  5. e controls the circulation of blood and lymph through the body

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  1. two bones of the upper jaw
  2. lower left chamber of the heart
  3. across the front of the chest
  4. located in the palms of the hand, makes fist
  5. midsection of muscle

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  1. frontalis muscleextends for the forehead to the top of the skull, raises eyebrows or draws the scalp forward


  2. posteriorin front of


  3. clavicletwo bones of the upper jaw


  4. occipitalis musclenape of the neck and draws the scalp back


  5. nasalbone located on the pinky side of the lower arm


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