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  1. frontalis muscle
  2. origin
  3. opponens muscles
  4. cytoplasm
  5. striated muscles
  1. a extends for the forehead to the top of the skull, raises eyebrows or draws the scalp forward
  2. b production department of the cell
  3. c respond to conscious commands
  4. d begins, non-moving attaches to bone
  5. e located in the palms of the hand, makes fist

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  1. between the jaws and cheek, compresses the cheek to release air ouward, blowing
  2. collarbone
  3. runs parallel to the ulna, turns the palm up
  4. behind or in the back
  5. seven bones that form the top of the spinal column

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  1. temporal boneback of the skull, indenting above the nape


  2. skeletal systemconsist of 206 bones


  3. liquid tissuecarries food, waste products and hormones


  4. lacrimalsmallest tow bones of facial skeleton forms the front, inner bottom wall of the eye socket


  5. depressoropens, enlarges or expands


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