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  1. integumentary
  2. organelles
  3. frontal bone
  4. superioris
  5. axons
  1. a covers and protects the entire body
  2. b small structures performing most of the cells activities
  3. c threadlike fibers extending from the cell
  4. d forehead
  5. e located above or larger than

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  1. colorless gel-like, contains water,salt, and nutrients from food
  2. the heart, function is involuntarily
  3. outer surface of the cell
  4. under eyebrow, controls the eyebrows drawing them in and downward
  5. contracts when stimulated to produce motion

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  1. dilatoropens, enlarges or expands


  2. myologyadams apple


  3. occipital boneback of the skull, indenting above the nape


  4. anteriorattaches to/ movable


  5. parietalcrown and upper sides of the head


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