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  1. right atrium
  2. left ventricle
  3. metabolism
  4. extensor radialis
  5. zygomatic
  1. a lower left chamber of the heart
  2. b what turns nutrients into energy for the body to use or store for later use
  3. c malar, forms upper cheek and the bottom of the eye socket
  4. d known as right auricle
  5. e located mid forearm on the outside of the arm, straightens the fingers

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  1. carries messages to and from the brain and coordinates body functions
  2. covers and protects body surfaces and internal organs
  3. under eyebrow, controls the eyebrows drawing them in and downward
  4. circles the eye socket and close the eyelid
  5. colorless gel-like, contains water,salt, and nutrients from food

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  1. buccinatorlifts up


  2. phalangesoccipito-frontalis formed by 2 muscles joined by the aponeurosis tendon


  3. trapezius and latissimus dorsilocated below the lower lip, pulls the lower lip down or to the side


  4. auricularis anterior musclelocated in front of the ear


  5. nucleus and cytoplasmsurrounded by the cell membrane


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