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  1. thoracic vertebrae
  2. serratus anterior
  3. scapula
  4. metacarpals
  5. ligaments
  1. a five lone, thin bones that form the hand
  2. b under arm, stretching, reaching over head
  3. c dense, strong bands of fibrous tissue that connect the bones to each other
  4. d shoulder blade
  5. e spine, sternum/breast bone

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  1. in front of
  2. circles the eye socket and close the eyelid
  3. located below or smaller than
  4. extends for the forehead to the top of the skull, raises eyebrows or draws the scalp forward
  5. contracts when stimulated to produce motion

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  1. triangularisbelow the corners of the mouthdraw the corners of mouth down


  2. cervical vertebraespine, sternum/breast bone


  3. skeletal systemconsist of 206 bones


  4. nerve tissuecarries messages to and from the brain and coordinates body functions


  5. integumentarycovers and protects the entire body


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