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  1. epicranius
  2. mitosis
  3. cytoplasm
  4. hydrochloric acid
  5. metacarpals
  1. a human cells reproduce by dividing in half
  2. b where ithe nucleus is located
  3. c continue to break down food as it enters stomach
  4. d five lone, thin bones that form the hand
  5. e occipito-frontalis formed by 2 muscles joined by the aponeurosis tendon

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  1. contracts when stimulated to produce motion
  2. smaller bone on the thumb side of the lower arm
  3. seven bones that form the top of the spinal column
  4. surrounded by the cell membrane
  5. eliminates wasted from the body

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  1. cardiac muscleunder eyebrow, controls the eyebrows drawing them in and downward


  2. thoracic vertebraespine, sternum/breast bone


  3. caninussmaller bone on the thumb side of the lower arm


  4. integumentarydense, strong bands of fibrous tissue that connect the bones to each other


  5. sphenoid bonebands of fibrous tissue that attach the muscles to the bone


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