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  1. metabolism
  2. pectoralis major and minor
  3. sternocleido mastoideus
  4. orbicularis oculi
  5. depressor
  1. a draws down or depresses
  2. b what turns nutrients into energy for the body to use or store for later use
  3. c across the front of the chest
  4. d sid of the neck from ear to collarbone moves head from side to side up and down
  5. e circles the eye socket and close the eyelid

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  1. small structures performing most of the cells activities
  2. nape of the neck and draws the scalp back
  3. control center of cell activities; reproduction
  4. located in the palms of the hand, makes fist
  5. either side of the head, directly above the ears and below the parietal bones

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  1. thoracic vertebraelower right chamber of the heart


  2. right ventriclelower right chamber of the heart


  3. hyoidspongy bone between the eyes that forms nasal cavity


  4. triangularisbelow the corners of the mouthdraw the corners of mouth down


  5. nasalshoulder blade


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