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  1. tendon
  2. dilator
  3. belly
  4. organelles
  5. scapula
  1. a shoulder blade
  2. b bands of fibrous tissue that attach the muscles to the bone
  3. c opens, enlarges or expands
  4. d small structures performing most of the cells activities
  5. e midsection of muscle

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  1. cover the back of the neck and upper back, draw head back winging motion of arms
  2. behind or in the back
  3. study of the structure, function and diseases of muscles
  4. across front of lower part of the radius and ulna, turns palm downward
  5. above the eyelids, opens the eyelids

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  1. hyoidadams apple


  2. ulnatwo bones that join to form the bridge of the nose


  3. radiuscorner of the mouth, draws the mouth up and out as grinning


  4. auricularis superior musclelocated above the ear


  5. levatorlifts up


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