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  1. oris orbicularis
  2. orbicularis oculi
  3. cytoplasm
  4. organelles
  5. nucleus and cytoplasm
  1. a surrounded by the cell membrane
  2. b where ithe nucleus is located
  3. c small structures performing most of the cells activities
  4. d circles the eye socket and close the eyelid
  5. e circles mouth, kissing muscle

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  1. located behind the ear
  2. chemical process by which cells receive nutrients for cell growth and reproduction
  3. spongy bone between the eyes that forms nasal cavity
  4. produce movement through contraction and extension
  5. bands of fibrous tissue that attach the muscles to the bone

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  1. mentalislocated at the tip of the chin


  2. left atriumknown as left auricle


  3. maxillaelower jaw, largest bone of facial skeleton


  4. quadratus labii inferiorisupper lip, and raises both the nostrils and the upper lip


  5. lacrimalsmallest tow bones of facial skeleton forms the front, inner bottom wall of the eye socket


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