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  1. extensor radialis
  2. radius
  3. carpals
  4. anterior
  5. adductor muscles
  1. a located mid forearm on the outside of the arm, straightens the fingers
  2. b smaller bone on the thumb side of the lower arm
  3. c in front of
  4. d draw the fingers together
  5. e eight small bones held together by ligaments to form wrist

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  1. carries messages to and from the brain and coordinates body functions
  2. production department of the cell
  3. produce movement through contraction and extension
  4. colorless gel-like, contains water,salt, and nutrients from food
  5. occipito-frontalis formed by 2 muscles joined by the aponeurosis tendon

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  1. cardiac musclelocated in the palms of the hand, makes fist


  2. occipitalis muscleextends for the forehead to the top of the skull, raises eyebrows or draws the scalp forward


  3. corrugator muscleunder eyebrow, controls the eyebrows drawing them in and downward


  4. axonssmaller bone on the thumb side of the lower arm


  5. caninussmaller bone on the thumb side of the lower arm


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