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  1. Vitamin K (body manufactured)
  2. Rickets
  3. Limitation of skin formation of vitamin D
  4. vitamin/mineral supplementation (things to look for)
  5. Vitamin E (deficiencies)
  1. a no more than 10% of daily value (should not exceed UL's). USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Certification.
  2. b Age, Sunscreen/sunblock, darker skin tones, geographic location, season.
  3. c in the GI by bacteria, manaquinones (10% absorbed)
  4. d vitamin D deficiencty. (Children)improper bone formation
  5. e hemolytic enemia, but are rare

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  1. Green vegtables: brocolli, Kale, green beans, soybean, olive, canola
  2. jaudice (caused by high doses of synthetic form)
  3. absorbed with dietary fat in small intestines or made in the body. Liver makes it inactive. Kidney's make it calcitriol (active form).
  4. Rickets (improper bone formation), Osteomalacia (poorly formed new bone)
  5. from liver via lipoproteins (very low lipoproteins). Excreted in bile, urine, and skin.

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  1. Vitamin K (function)(clotting and bones) need in synthesis of blood clotting factors. synthesis of protein that bind calcium


  2. Vitamin K (UL)no UL


  3. Hemolytic anemiahigh levels of calcium in blood due to vitamin D toxicity


  4. sunlight requirements for formation of Vitamin Dsunlight 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes.


  5. Vitamin D (kidney function)with regulation from parathyriod hormone makes active form of calcitriol (hormone) induces vitamin D function.


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