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  1. False
  2. by a preponderance of the evidence
  3. eminent domain
  4. True
  5. regulate in their area of expertise

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  1. Assume that the resort town of Ocean View passed a law imposing an extra tax on boardwalk food businesses that used plastic cups, plates or utensils. Plastic litter costs the town more to dispose of and it wants to pass this cost on to the merchants. Fran Fries, a boardwalk food vendor, claims that the law is denying her equal protection of the law. Under which standard of review would a court decide this case?rational basis


  2. The term used in law to denote the power of a particular court to hear a case and render a binding decision isJurisdiction


  3. One of the functions of constitutions is to prohibit certain government actionTrue


  4. Administrative agencies usually are created by statuteregulate in their area of expertise


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