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  1. Why did the rebellion end?
  2. Writs of Assistance
  3. Continental Army is established
  4. Proclamation Act of 1763
  5. Order of Prime Ministers
  1. a Unanimous vote chose General George Washington from VA to be Commander in Chief. "For the Defense of American Liberty."
  2. b Was a law banning the settlement of people west of the Appalachian mts.
  3. c Lack of Indian morale,loss of french aid, and shortage of supplies, plus winter was approaching and they had no food because all they had been doing was fighting.
  4. d William Pitt, George Grenville, William Pitt, Charles Townshend, and Lord North
  5. e Special warrants used to enforce the townshend Acts and were special because you din't need to state what your looking for.

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  1. Patrick Henry was the delagate from VA to go to 1rst and 2nd continental congresses. "Give me liberty or give me death." Also there was Thomas Paine who was a Britiah immagrant who thought that the people of a free country should rule themselves. Wrote Common Sense which transformed an unorganized colonial rebellion into a unified moment by selling many copies so everyone knew what was going on.
  2. Increased amount of smuggling in the colonies so Britian made it so that smuggling cases were sent to British courts. The Act mostly effected colonial merchants, rum distillers, and ship owners/builders.
  3. It was enacted to stop conflict between colonists and Native Americans. This meant fur trders had to gain permission to trade with the Indians but for the most part it was largely ignored by the colonists.
  4. Law requiring colonists to feed and house British soldiers
  5. June 7th of 1776, Richard Henry Lee of VA proposed a resolution for Independence(3 prong resolution) and it was accepted.

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  1. Stamp Act of 1765Taxed foriegn sugar, mollases, and several other things


  2. Final Resoulution- Declaration of Resolves5 people are dead, 6 are injured, and Paul Revere quickly calls it a massacre. Hugh Montgomery: fired first Captain Preston: captain of the soldiers


  3. New leaders in Great Britian?King George the III and New prime Minister George Grenville, who instituted new taxes. George the III wasn"t just immature but had a rare disease in which he would have periods of insanity.


  4. The Olive Branch PetitionGovernor Hutchinson ignores colonists demands that 3 shiploads of tea from Britian be sent back. So the Sonds of Liberty in the middle of the night board the ships dressed in indian manner, dump all 342 chests of English Tea, in 3 hours, into the harbor. This showed england how serious the colonies were about their liberty. Some colonists cheered the teas destruction while others were shocked by the disregard of property rights.


  5. Result and important peopleRepeals the Stamp Act and gives parlament full power to make laws over the colonies.


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