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  1. The Boston Tea Party
  2. Proclamation Act of 1763
  3. The Olive Branch Petition
  4. Declaration of Independence
  5. Final Resoulution- Declaration of Resolves
  1. a Petition passed by 2nd continental congress pledging its loyalty to england and asking for a peaceful end to the conflict. King George the III rejects it and orders British ships to blockade all shipping to the colonies.
  2. b Governor Hutchinson ignores colonists demands that 3 shiploads of tea from Britian be sent back. So the Sonds of Liberty in the middle of the night board the ships dressed in indian manner, dump all 342 chests of English Tea, in 3 hours, into the harbor. This showed england how serious the colonies were about their liberty. Some colonists cheered the teas destruction while others were shocked by the disregard of property rights.
  3. c June 7th of 1776, Richard Henry Lee of VA proposed a resolution for Independence(3 prong resolution) and it was accepted.
  4. d A paper sent to King George the III, pledging loyalty to England, but stating colonists rights as British power. Maintained colonists had the right to "free and exclusive power of legislation in their several provincial legislatures. Also, delagates called for a ban on all trade with England. They said if their demands weren't met they would meet again in 1775 and they did.
  5. e Was a law banning the settlement of people west of the Appalachian mts.

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  1. 5 people are dead, 6 are injured, and Paul Revere quickly calls it a massacre. Hugh Montgomery: fired first Captain Preston: captain of the soldiers
  2. Taxed foriegn sugar, mollases, and several other things
  3. Depended colonists hostility toward Britian. Colonists everywhere felt sympathy for Boston and sent money and food to offset the affects of the Port Bill.
  4. It was the cost to secure the freedom of the frontier, but also stated the SugarAct weren't one sided but that parlament represented all english citizens.
  5. Taxed placed on all printed material. People prtested it harshly because they felt that they weren't represented in parlament. Sons of Liberty was formed in protest to the Act.

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  1. Why did the rebellion end?Lack of Indian morale,loss of french aid, and shortage of supplies, plus winter was approaching and they had no food because all they had been doing was fighting.


  2. Purpose, reactions.placed an import tax on commonly used things such as tea, glass, lead, and dyes for paint.


  3. Coercive Acts of 1774 (4 acts+Quebec act))Increased amount of smuggling in the colonies so Britian made it so that smuggling cases were sent to British courts. The Act mostly effected colonial merchants, rum distillers, and ship owners/builders.


  4. What happened to Governor Hutchinson after refusal to send tea back?He got it from John Locke, you only have a right to rule if you have the consent of the people. Some basic priciples of it was " the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


  5. Writs of AssistanceJohn Adams defends the soldiers. 7 equitted while 2 are accused of manslaughter, branded on the hands and free to go.


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