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  1. Commitee of Correspondence(sprang up everywhere)
  2. Special Independence dates
  3. Powerful voices for Independence
  4. Tea Act fo 1773
  5. Parlament Justification for Sugar Act
  1. a It was the cost to secure the freedom of the frontier, but also stated the SugarAct weren't one sided but that parlament represented all english citizens.
  2. b Ajn act that was passed to save the British East India co., allowed E I co. freedom from paying import tax and this allowed them to charge the lowest possible prices while stillgetting money from the tax. People, though, protested the act by not buying the tea and were also afraid that other companies would get privledges as well. The Daughters of Liberty boycotted English Tea and also held sewing parties when wool was taxed.
  3. c June 7th 1776- Richard Henry Lee's 3 prong resoulution is accepted July 2nd, 1776- Congress officicially declares Independence July 4th, 1776- Congress formally adopts the declaration of Independence. No turning back now.
  4. d Charged with letting the colonoes and the world know about england violations of colonial rights.
  5. e Patrick Henry was the delagate from VA to go to 1rst and 2nd continental congresses. "Give me liberty or give me death." Also there was Thomas Paine who was a Britiah immagrant who thought that the people of a free country should rule themselves. Wrote Common Sense which transformed an unorganized colonial rebellion into a unified moment by selling many copies so everyone knew what was going on.

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  1. British march to concord, ma to seize rebel military supplies but are also looking for Hancock and Adams. Lamp-s in Old Church were 1 by land, 2 by sea. Paul Revere is sent on his famous ride along with William Dawes, and Samuel Preston, but on different routes. Yells British are coming all along the way. People hear and at lexington Green 70 minutemen gather comanded by colonial captain John Parker. Some body shoots at the confrontation, starts war, they fight, shot heard around the world, 8 colonists are dead and 10 more are wounded. British march on to concord and destroy only some of the supplies and start marching back to boston. Minutemen pick them off in there very visible red coats on the way back. The trail is called the Highway of Death. 70 to 80Briti8sh killed.
  2. placed an import tax on commonly used things such as tea, glass, lead, and dyes for paint.
  3. Actually lowered the existing tax that had been set previously but ignored.
  4. William Pitt, George Grenville, William Pitt, Charles Townshend, and Lord North
  5. June 7th of 1776, Richard Henry Lee of VA proposed a resolution for Independence(3 prong resolution) and it was accepted.

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  1. Effects of the ActSamuel Adams, Paul Revere-famous ride,John Hanncock,James Otis- No taxation without representation(just a slogan)


  2. Result and important peopleRepeals the Stamp Act and gives parlament full power to make laws over the colonies.


  3. Final Resoulution- Declaration of Resolves5 people are dead, 6 are injured, and Paul Revere quickly calls it a massacre. Hugh Montgomery: fired first Captain Preston: captain of the soldiers


  4. Where did jefferson get his idea for the Declaration?He got it from John Locke, you only have a right to rule if you have the consent of the people. Some basic priciples of it was " the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


  5. Continental Army is establishedgets it wrong thinking that the colonists didn't like the taxes being collected in the colonies, so he passes the Townshend Acts because then the taxes are collected at ports.


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