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  1. Where did jefferson get his idea for the Declaration?
  2. Powerful voices for Independence
  3. Declaration of Independence
  4. Townshend Acts1767
  5. The Boston Tea Party
  1. a placed an import tax on commonly used things such as tea, glass, lead, and dyes for paint.
  2. b Patrick Henry was the delagate from VA to go to 1rst and 2nd continental congresses. "Give me liberty or give me death." Also there was Thomas Paine who was a Britiah immagrant who thought that the people of a free country should rule themselves. Wrote Common Sense which transformed an unorganized colonial rebellion into a unified moment by selling many copies so everyone knew what was going on.
  3. c He got it from John Locke, you only have a right to rule if you have the consent of the people. Some basic priciples of it was " the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
  4. d Governor Hutchinson ignores colonists demands that 3 shiploads of tea from Britian be sent back. So the Sonds of Liberty in the middle of the night board the ships dressed in indian manner, dump all 342 chests of English Tea, in 3 hours, into the harbor. This showed england how serious the colonies were about their liberty. Some colonists cheered the teas destruction while others were shocked by the disregard of property rights.
  5. e June 7th of 1776, Richard Henry Lee of VA proposed a resolution for Independence(3 prong resolution) and it was accepted.

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  1. Repeals the Stamp Act and gives parlament full power to make laws over the colonies.
  2. William Pitt, George Grenville, William Pitt, Charles Townshend, and Lord North
  3. Unanimous vote chose General George Washington from VA to be Commander in Chief. "For the Defense of American Liberty."
  4. Depended colonists hostility toward Britian. Colonists everywhere felt sympathy for Boston and sent money and food to offset the affects of the Port Bill.
  5. A paper sent to King George the III, pledging loyalty to England, but stating colonists rights as British power. Maintained colonists had the right to "free and exclusive power of legislation in their several provincial legislatures. Also, delagates called for a ban on all trade with England. They said if their demands weren't met they would meet again in 1775 and they did.

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  1. Prime Minister Townshendgets it wrong thinking that the colonists didn't like the taxes being collected in the colonies, so he passes the Townshend Acts because then the taxes are collected at ports.


  2. Result and important peopleNew Prime Minister, repeals some of the townshend Acts but lets the Declaratory Act expire. Under him, govenors and Judgeswould now have their salaries paid by England and the colonists knew this meant now that the govs. and judges were in Englands pocket.


  3. Special Independence datesJune 7th of 1776, Richard Henry Lee of VA proposed a resolution for Independence(3 prong resolution) and it was accepted.


  4. King George saw this as the last strawWrote to Lord North: "Blows must decide." Then orders General Thomas Gage to put done the rebellion and he marches to Concord to seize rebel military supplies.


  5. Stamp Act CongressTaxed placed on all printed material. People prtested it harshly because they felt that they weren't represented in parlament. Sons of Liberty was formed in protest to the Act.


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