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  1. Ironic?
  2. Result and important people
  3. Sons of Liberty
  4. First Continental Congress- Oct. 1774
  5. Sugar Act of 1764
  1. a Meeting of 56 delagates to discuss their grievances about the Coercive and Quebec Acts and wether or not they're going to break from england, some do and some don't.
  2. b Samuel Adams, Paul Revere-famous ride,John Hanncock,James Otis- No taxation without representation(just a slogan)
  3. c 5 people are dead, 6 are injured, and Paul Revere quickly calls it a massacre. Hugh Montgomery: fired first Captain Preston: captain of the soldiers
  4. d Actually lowered the existing tax that had been set previously but ignored.
  5. e Taxed foriegn sugar, mollases, and several other things

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  1. 9 delegates from 9 colonies create a more unified resistance and draft Declaration of Rights which states only colonial taxes can be put on them.
  2. Some wanted to establish an immeadiate Declaration of independence while others urged restraint. People brought up the idea of a continental army but most colonists were in the same page that something had to be done.
  3. Increased amount of smuggling in the colonies so Britian made it so that smuggling cases were sent to British courts. The Act mostly effected colonial merchants, rum distillers, and ship owners/builders.
  4. Was a rebellion between Native american tribes, led by the Ottowan chief Pontiac, and the colonists. The person who inspired Pontiac with his message was a Prophet from the Delaware tribe named Neolin and his message was that the english were "our enemies." The reasons for the rebellion were violations in treaties, settlers encroaching onto Indian lands, and the british had a much different treatment of NA than the French.(didn't give them annual gifts like the French)
  5. Charged with letting the colonoes and the world know about england violations of colonial rights.

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  1. Purpose, reactions.It was enacted to stop conflict between colonists and Native Americans. This meant fur trders had to gain permission to trade with the Indians but for the most part it was largely ignored by the colonists.


  2. Where did jefferson get his idea for the Declaration?He got it from John Locke, you only have a right to rule if you have the consent of the people. Some basic priciples of it was " the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


  3. Quartering Act 1765Repeals the Stamp Act and gives parlament full power to make laws over the colonies.


  4. Parlament Justification for Sugar ActIt was the cost to secure the freedom of the frontier, but also stated the SugarAct weren't one sided but that parlament represented all english citizens.


  5. The Boston Tea PartyGovernor Hutchinson ignores colonists demands that 3 shiploads of tea from Britian be sent back. So the Sonds of Liberty in the middle of the night board the ships dressed in indian manner, dump all 342 chests of English Tea, in 3 hours, into the harbor. This showed england how serious the colonies were about their liberty. Some colonists cheered the teas destruction while others were shocked by the disregard of property rights.


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