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  1. Parasympathetic
  2. Endocrine Dysfunction
  3. dehydrate
  4. pulmonary arteries
  5. Dead Air Space
  1. a - organ/gland problems
    - too many hormones
    - not enough hormones
  2. b Relax or dilate blood vessels
  3. c die out - not enough water in the cell
  4. d deoxygenated blood from heart to lung
  5. e air that occupies the space between the mouth and alveoli , but does not actually reach the area of gas exchange (~150 mL)

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  1. decrease heart rate and decrease contraction
  2. amount of blood ejected from the heart in one minute. (HR x SV)
  3. fights infection
  4. hole - pressures can be disrupted impairing minute volume
    bleeding - force collapse wall.
  5. Respiratory control

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  1. Albuminliquid with large proteins that attract water


  2. histamineliver producing hormone that during liver failure it does not produce and affects water being pulled into the blood - dehydration


  3. venuescarry blood back to heart - deoxygenated


  4. Endoplamic reticulumcellular process in which oxygen is used to metabolize glucose. Energy is produced in an efficient manner with minimal waste products.


  5. hyper-hydrationtoo much water - decrease cell function


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