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  1. Sympathetic heart
  2. Stretch receptors
  3. primary function of Cardiopulmonary System
  4. perfusion
  5. Mechanical Nervous System Dysfunction
  1. a deliver Oxygen and nutrients to cells and remove waste.
  2. b increase heart rate and strength of contraction
  3. c detect level of internal pressure and transmits messages to nervous system. in blood vessels.
  4. d Strokes
    lou gehrigs / MC
  5. e supply of oxygen to, and removal of waste from. the cells and tissues of body as a result of flow of blood though capillaries.

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  1. minute volume problem
    Cardiac Output problem
    Structural Damage
  2. - mechanical
    - electrical
  3. form clots
  4. Force of contraction - how hard heart squeezes. More force = greater SV
  5. pressure in peripheral blood vessels that the heart must overcome in order to pump blood into the system.

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  1. Fluid distribution Disruption of Fluid Balancedisplace/ destroyed can fail to have gas exchange.


  2. Blood Vessel Permeabilityoverly permeable "leaky"


  3. Hypersensitivityallergic reaction - exaggerated response by the immune system to a particular substance.


  4. How much of body is waterconverts glucose to energy (ATP) or adenosine triphosphate (metabolism)


  5. chemoreceptorsform clots


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