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  1. Fluid Loss Disruption of Fluid Balance
  2. break down of water in body
  3. Contractility
  4. Endocrine Dysfunction
  5. Blood vessel loss of tone
  1. a dehydration - decrease in total amount of water in body.
  2. b - intracellular 70% (inside cells)
    - intravascular 5% (in blood)
    - interstitial 25% (btwn cells and blood vessels)
  3. c - organ/gland problems
    - too many hormones
    - not enough hormones
  4. d Force of contraction - how hard heart squeezes. More force = greater SV
  5. e can't control diameter - internal pressure drops
    brain/ spinal cord/ systemic infection/ allergic rxn.

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  1. simple sugar converted from foods to energy or ATP
  2. detect level of internal pressure and transmits messages to nervous system. in blood vessels.
  3. - loss of tone
    - permeability
    - hypertension
  4. contains DNA
  5. transports oxygen and carbon dioxide

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  1. Blood Dysfunction- volume - don't have enough to move O2/CO2
    - anemia - decrease in number of RBC and decrease ability to carry O2
    - liver failure - retain water protein


  2. Immune Systeminability of body to adequately circulate blood to body's cells to supple them with oxygen and nutrients = shock.

    cells hypoxic / anaerobic metabolism


  3. Stroke Volumevolume of air moved in one cycle of breathing


  4. Fluid distribution Disruption of Fluid Balancediseases and edema


  5. Exhalationactive process - diaphragm contracts, muscles expand, negative pressure in lungs pulls air through trachea.


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