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  1. Blood Vessel Permeability
  2. venues
  3. Necessary components in Metabolism
  4. Mitochondia
  5. Blood Vessel Dysfunction
  1. a overly permeable "leaky"
  2. b smallest veins that connect to capillaries
  3. c - loss of tone
    - permeability
    - hypertension
  4. d O2, H2O, Glucose
  5. e converts glucose to energy (ATP) or adenosine triphosphate (metabolism)

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  1. function of systemic vascular resistance. How much pressure heart has to pump against in order to force blood into system. Greater Pressure = decreased SV.
  2. ability to effectively transfer fluids .
  3. inability of body to adequately circulate blood to body's cells to supple them with oxygen and nutrients = shock.

    cells hypoxic / anaerobic metabolism
  4. Glucose metabolized into energy without oxygen. Inefficient amount with many waste products (CO2 and lactic acid) makes blood more acidic.
  5. how much blood returned to the heart prior to contraction. greater filling = greater SV

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  1. Heart Dysfunction- mechanical
    - electrical


  2. Mechanical Nervous System DysfunctionStrokes
    lou gehrigs / MC


  3. Endocrine Dysfunction- organ/gland problems
    - too many hormones
    - not enough hormones


  4. medulla oblongatapassive process - muscles relax, chest contract, + pressure pushes air out.


  5. SympatheticRelax or dilate blood vessels


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