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  1. Permeability
  2. dehydrate
  3. nucleus
  4. Digestive Dysfunction
  5. histamine
  1. a creates edema
  2. b - GI Bleeding
    - Vomit and diarrhea
  3. c ability to effectively transfer fluids .
  4. d die out - not enough water in the cell
  5. e contains DNA

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  1. 79% nitrogen
    21% oxygen
  2. hole - pressures can be disrupted impairing minute volume
    bleeding - force collapse wall.
  3. converts glucose to energy (ATP) or adenosine triphosphate (metabolism)
  4. graves disease - thryoid over produces hormones - temp and increase HR
  5. body attempts to compensate for any faults in the system. Chemoreceptors recognize low O2 / high CO2 levels. increase resp rate & tidal volume.

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  1. Blood Vessel Permeabilitypressure inside vessels the heart pumps against. Systemic vascular resistance. drugs, smoking, genetics. causes heart disease and stroke!


  2. Pathophysiologyconverts glucose to energy (ATP) or adenosine triphosphate (metabolism)


  3. pulmonary veinsdeoxygenated blood from heart to lung


  4. Sympatheticfight or flight - Constrict blood vessels


  5. Signs of Neurological Impairment- diabetes


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