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  1. Pathophysiology
  2. arterioles
  3. Cell Membrane
  4. Nervous System Dysfunction
  5. chemoreceptors
  1. a sensors in the brain and blood vessels that identify changing levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  2. b protects and selectively allows water and other substances into and out of cell.
  3. c - trauma
    - bleeding/ swelling
    - mechanical damage
  4. d the study of how disease processes affect the function of the body.
  5. e smallest arteries that connect to capillaries

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  1. cellular function of converting nutrients into energy
  2. amount of air breathed in during each respiration multiplied by the number of breaths per minute.

    TV x BRP = MV
  3. increase heart rate and strength of contraction
  4. - stroke / infection - alter breathing
    - toxins - affect capillaries (min volume)
    - trauma - harm medulla
  5. open and clear, no obstruction, free from obstruction in airway.

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  1. Fluid distribution Disruption of Fluid Balancediseases and edema


  2. Plateletscontains DNA


  3. Parasympatheticdecrease heart rate and decrease contraction


  4. Digestive System organsesophagus


  5. Disruption of Lung Tissuedisplace/ destroyed can fail to have gas exchange.


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