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  1. Fluid Loss Disruption of Fluid Balance
  2. Sodium Potassium Pump
  3. Blood Vessel Hypertension
  4. Respiratory Pathway
  5. Electrolytes
  1. a 1) mouth/nose
    2) pharynx/nasopharynx
    3) throat
    4) pharynx
    5) trachea
    6) bronchi
    7) alveoli
    8) alveolar sac
    9) capillaries (oxygen and carbon dioxide)
  2. b moves ions back and forth across cell membrane - needs ATP to work.
    depolarization responsible for contraction.
  3. c pressure inside vessels the heart pumps against. Systemic vascular resistance. drugs, smoking, genetics. causes heart disease and stroke!
  4. d dehydration - decrease in total amount of water in body.
  5. e a substance that when dissolved in water separates into charged particles. helps with nerve transmission and cardiac muscle depolarization.

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  1. minute volume problem
    Cardiac Output problem
    Structural Damage
  2. fight infection
  3. simple sugar converted from foods to energy or ATP
  4. deliver Oxygen and nutrients to cells and remove waste.
  5. esophagus

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  1. Parasympathetic heartdecrease heart rate and decrease contraction


  2. hyper-hydrationtoo much water - decrease cell function


  3. ParasympatheticRelax or dilate blood vessels


  4. Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR)air that occupies the space between the mouth and alveoli , but does not actually reach the area of gas exchange (~150 mL)


  5. too many hormonesoxygenated blood from lungs to heart


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