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  1. Respiratory Dysfunction 3 types
  2. dehydrate
  3. Signs of Neurological Impairment
  4. Hypersensitivity
  5. Permeability
  1. a ability to effectively transfer fluids .
  2. b - altered mental status
    - inability to speak
    - visual and hearing
    - inability to walk
    - paralysis
    - weakness
    - loss of sensation
    - pupil change
  3. c die out - not enough water in the cell
  4. d 1) Disruption of Respiratory Control
    2) Disruption of Pressure
    3) Disruption of Lung Tissue
  5. e allergic reaction - exaggerated response by the immune system to a particular substance.

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  1. decrease heart rate and decrease contraction
  2. active process - diaphragm contracts, muscles expand, negative pressure in lungs pulls air through trachea.
  3. smallest veins that connect to capillaries
  4. 79% nitrogen
    21% oxygen
  5. simple sugar converted from foods to energy or ATP

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  1. How much of body is water60%


  2. ParasympatheticRelax or dilate blood vessels


  3. Respiratory Pathwaybody attempts to compensate for any faults in the system. Chemoreceptors recognize low O2 / high CO2 levels. increase resp rate & tidal volume.


  4. Pathophysiologythe study of how disease processes affect the function of the body.


  5. Water levels controlled by 2 systemsCirculatory System and Renal System


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