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  1. balanced budget
  2. revenue
  3. deficit
  4. bond
  5. fees
  1. a a shortage of money
  2. b when revenue equals expenditures
  3. c money
  4. d small payments charged for licenses
  5. e a certificate stating that the governmenthas borrowed money from the owner

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  1. money paid for illegal parking and speeding
  2. tax used to pay people with disabilities and retired people
  3. income a business has left after paying expenses
  4. a tax that takes a larger percentage of income from lower incomegroups than from highe income groups
  5. give money over this amount and pay a gift tax

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  1. Internal Revenue Serviceis the payment made for the use of borrowed money


  2. executive branchresponsible for proposed national budget


  3. exemptionsclaimed for charitable contributions and business expenses by taxpayers.


  4. real propertyland buildings and other structures


  5. personal propertyland buildings and other structures


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