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  1. sales tax
  2. excise tax
  3. executive branch
  4. equal application
  5. interest
  1. a taxes applied at the same rate
  2. b taxes collected on most products sold
  3. c a tax on gas, alcohol and luxury items
  4. d responsible for proposed national budget
  5. e is the payment made for the use of borrowed money

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  1. money
  2. money paid for illegal parking and speeding
  3. an import tax
  4. tax deadline
  5. tax used to pay people with disabilities and retired people

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  1. deficitincome a business has left after paying expenses


  2. exemptionsthe amount of money a taxpayer can subtract from the tax they pay, for themselves and each dependent


  3. national debtis the payment made for the use of borrowed money


  4. $10000small payments charged for licenses


  5. balanced budgeta careful examination by trained accountants of every item of income and expenditure


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