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  1. income taxes
  2. executive branch
  3. excise tax
  4. Social Security
  5. deficit
  1. a a shortage of money
  2. b tax used to pay people with disabilities and retired people
  3. c taxes on earnings of individuals and companies
  4. d a tax on gas, alcohol and luxury items
  5. e responsible for proposed national budget

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  1. the amount of money a taxpayer can subtract from the tax they pay, for themselves and each dependent
  2. the total amount of money that the government has borrowed, plus interest
  3. give money over this amount and pay a gift tax
  4. small payments charged for licenses
  5. tax deadline

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  1. deductionsclaimed for charitable contributions and business expenses by taxpayers.


  2. surplusmoney


  3. tariffincome a business has left after paying expenses


  4. benefit paymentslargest cost to the Federal Government


  5. personal propertystocks, bonds, jewelry, cars and boats that may be taxed


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