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  1. executive branch
  2. personal property
  3. April 15th
  4. balanced budget
  5. fees
  1. a stocks, bonds, jewelry, cars and boats that may be taxed
  2. b when revenue equals expenditures
  3. c responsible for proposed national budget
  4. d tax deadline
  5. e small payments charged for licenses

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  1. a tax on gas, alcohol and luxury items
  2. taxes applied at the same rate
  3. a tax that takes a larger percentage of income from higher income groups than from lower income groups
  4. land buildings and other structures
  5. the amount of money a taxpayer can subtract from the tax they pay, for themselves and each dependent

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  1. surplusa government collects more money than it spends


  2. deductionsclaimed for charitable contributions and business expenses by taxpayers.


  3. tariffan import tax


  4. revenuemoney


  5. interestis the payment made for the use of borrowed money


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