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  1. equal application
  2. April 15th
  3. surplus
  4. real property
  5. fines
  1. a a government collects more money than it spends
  2. b money paid for illegal parking and speeding
  3. c taxes applied at the same rate
  4. d tax deadline
  5. e land buildings and other structures

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  1. a certificate stating that the governmenthas borrowed money from the owner
  2. a tax on gas, alcohol and luxury items
  3. small payments charged for licenses
  4. responsible for proposed national budget
  5. stocks, bonds, jewelry, cars and boats that may be taxed

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  1. benefit paymentstaxes on earnings of individuals and companies


  2. $10000money paid for illegal parking and speeding


  3. deficita shortage of money


  4. regressive taxa tax that takes a larger percentage of income from lower incomegroups than from highe income groups


  5. Social Securityland buildings and other structures


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