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  1. ¡no importa!
  2. dar las espaldas a
  3. ahora es cuando
  4. por mi parte
  5. hacer cocos
  1. a nevermind
  2. b to flirt
  3. c now is the time, now is your chance
  4. d to turn one's back on
  5. e as far as i'm concerned

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  1. to be ticklish
  2. to make faces at
  3. how should i know?
  4. by the way
  5. in installments

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  1. abogado de mala causadevil's advocate


  2. no es asunto mío (suyo, etc.)we are even


  3. había una vezonce upon a time


  4. echar un piropoto compliment


  5. en cambiounavoidable


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