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  1. allá a las quinientas
  2. hacer cocos
  3. día tras día
  4. hacer puente
  5. de cabo a rabo
  1. a once in a blue moon
  2. b to flirt
  3. c to have a long weekend
  4. d day after day
  5. e from beginning to end

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  1. to beat around the bush
  2. nevermind
  3. devil's advocate
  4. to be out of sorts; not in a laughing mood
  5. to sleep on it

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  1. quemarse las pestañasto get to the point


  2. echar un piropoto compliment


  3. disculpa pobrelame excuse


  4. la gota que derrama el vasothere's no way around it


  5. entre semanaduring the week


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