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  1. de improviso
  2. pagar el pato
  3. en cambio
  4. un día de éstos
  5. tengo una tía que toca la guitarra
  1. a one of those days
  2. b unexpectedly
  3. c on the other hand
  4. d to be the scapegoat
  5. e don't change the subject

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  1. no sooner said than done
  2. we are even
  3. as far as i'm concerned
  4. it makes no difference
  5. call a spade a spade

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  1. echar carnesto fib


  2. meter la patato be the scapegoat


  3. no estar de humorto be out of sorts; not in a laughing mood


  4. echar papasto fib


  5. dar jabón ain installments


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