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  1. ¡no importa!
  2. un día de éstos
  3. no hay que darle vueltas
  4. dar las espaldas a
  5. no nos debemos nada
  1. a there's no way around it
  2. b we are even
  3. c nevermind
  4. d to turn one's back on
  5. e one of those days

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  1. to burn the midnight oil/study hard
  2. to ditch
  3. to rain cats and dogs
  4. to get up on the wrong side of the bed
  5. to flirt

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  1. pagar el patoto put one's foot in one's mouth


  2. nacer de pieto be born lucky


  3. tener murriaon the other hand


  4. dicho y hechono sooner said than done


  5. de vez en cuandoonce in a while


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