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  1. labyrinth
  2. imperceptible
  3. diverse
  4. vibrant
  5. virulent
  1. a extremely poisonous; full of hate
  2. b difficult to perceive by the senses; barely noticeable
  3. c a maze (or something similar to a maze)
  4. d different; various
  5. e lively; full of life

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  1. admitting or feeling guilt
  2. expressing disdain; showing a lack of respect
  3. formed long ago; primitive
  4. clear; easy to understand
  5. relating to the surface; shallow

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  1. mellifluousexpressing disdain; showing a lack of respect


  2. provinciallimited in outlook; narrow


  3. desiccateto dry out


  4. repudiateto reject; to disown; to renounce


  5. farcicalabsurd; ludicrous


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