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  1. The use of space and atmosphere in Max Beckmann's The Dream could be best described as ____.
  2. With a drawing, the quality of line and the nature of shading are very much affected by the ____ of the support.
  3. The classical Greek sculptor Polykleitos was the first known artist to apply the principle of ____ in order to achieve overall naturalistic balance in the human body's stance.
  4. Honoré Daumier's pen and ink drawing, Counsel for the Defense(the Advocate), is a caricatured illustration of ____.
  5. Light against dark or dark against light create visual differences in ____.
  1. a weight shift
  2. b pompous superficial lawyers
  3. c texture
  4. d claustrophobic and compressed
  5. e value

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  1. Daguerre
  2. bone dust or chalk mixed with gum, water, and pigment
  3. rapid sketches and preparatory studies
  4. conceptual unity
  5. medium of turpentine

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  1. ____, in which parallel lines converge at one or more vantage points on the horizon to create the illusion of depth, was highly refined by ____ artists.Linear perspective, Renaissance


  2. Picasso protested the horror and brutality of the Spanish civil war in his 1937 masterpiece painting known as ____.Guernica


  3. Serigraphy, or silkscreen, was first developed for use as a(n) ____ medium, a fitting medium because Pop artist ____ used it to create Four Multi-colored Marilyns.commercial, Andy Warhol


  4. The first photographic process to leave a permanent image was invented in 1826 and known as ____.a growing middle class


  5. A(n) ____ magnifies faraway objects and collapses the spaces between ordinarily distant objects.religious


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