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  1. Miriam Schapiro's Maid of Honour is a paint-and-fabric construction that she labeled ____.
  2. Which of the following statements about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is not correct?
  3. Which classic early color film depicted real life in black and white and imaginary life in expressionistic color?
  4. In Paul Landacre's Growing Corn, we see a good example of the ____ that can be obtained from the skillful use of wood engraving.
  5. Henri Matisse and Romare Bearden both utilize ____ to create order and harmony in their versions of the Piano Lesson.
  1. a There is a large label indicating who is being memorialized
  2. b precise lines and tonal gradations
  3. c color and shape repetition
  4. d femmage
  5. e Wizard of Oz

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  1. impasto
  2. claustrophobic and compressed
  3. his breath
  4. carving
  5. human eye

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  1. Goldsworthy's Storm King Wall snakes through fields and around trees, ____ and reappears to continue along the landscape.dips into a pond


  2. When a camera shutter opens for a few thousandths of a second over and over in quick succession, ____ shots are being taken.candid


  3. Cai Guo Qiang's classic example of ephemeral art, Transient Rainbow, came and went in about ____ in June of 2002.pop art


  4. The effects of ____ when each is drawn against a paper surface are very similar.his breath


  5. When you look at a(n) ____ painting, your eyes are manipulated to see rippling movement and afterimages.tempera


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