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  1. The unforgiving medium of ____ was widely used for drawing from the late Middle Ages to the early 1500s, when it was largely replaced by the lead pencil.
  2. Probably the most ubiquitous type of monument depicts a man on horseback, known as a(n) ____ statue.
  3. ____ are formed when intersecting or connected lines enclose space.
  4. Diagonal lines are often used to ____.
  5. The 16th-century artist Leonardo da Vinci produced what is perhaps the most famous painting in the history of Western art. This painting is known as ____.
  1. a imply movement and directionality
  2. b Mona Lisa
  3. c silverpoint
  4. d shapes
  5. e equestrian

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  1. pop art
  2. kinetic art
  3. woodcut, below
  4. balance
  5. stereotype

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  1. ____ was the exclusive painting medium of artists during the Middle Ages.touch


  2. Käthe Kollwitz's Self Portrait (Fig. 5-8) reveals one aspect of the character of the ____.rapid sketches and preparatory studies


  3. Nineteenth-century industrialization led to the development of ____ as a building material, and it was the first material to allow the erection of tall buildings with relatively slender walls.cast iron


  4. The use of space and atmosphere in Max Beckmann's The Dream could be best described as ____.claustrophobic and compressed


  5. In Welcome the World Famous Brand, the Luo Brothers portray an overcrowded composition which emphasizes ____.convergence of consumerism and glabalism


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