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  1. The Church of St. Michael at Hildesheim, Germany, built in the Ottonian period (1001-1031), has square bays and its walls are blank and massive. This is due to its ____.
  2. Suzanne Valadon's Adam and Eve subverts ____.
  3. Many of the artist Chuck Close's unidealized portraits, such as Self Portrait/Conte Crayon, are based on a ____, which produces blurry photographic likenesses.
  4. Originally a derisive term, ____ uses mass produced, light, easily handled cuts of wood and metal nails for the assembly of millions of homes and small buildings on site.
  5. Referring to sculptures such as ____, art critic Robert Hughes said such works were "everything that statues had not been: not monolithic, but open, not cast or carved, but assembled from flat planes."
  1. a grid transfer method
  2. b barrel vaulting
  3. c balloon framing
  4. d Traditional negative Christian views of women
  5. e Picasso's Mandolin and Clarinet

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  1. pendentives
  2. dry mortar
  3. carefully modeled and 3 dimmensional
  4. woodcut, below
  5. variety within unity

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  1. With a drawing, the quality of line and the nature of shading are very much affected by the ____ of the support.texture


  2. A triangular glass solid that breaks down sunlight or white light into different colors is called a(n) ____.prism


  3. Light sculptor Dan Flavin primarily designs using is a painstaking and time consuming procedure


  4. Which of the following statements about the patriarchal figure in Viola Frey's Family Portrait does not indicate his influential status within the family?Toys can be seen in the composition


  5. In the lost wax process, molten metal is poured into a fire-resistant mold known as a(n) ____.supermodel icon


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