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  1. When you look at a(n) ____ painting, your eyes are manipulated to see rippling movement and afterimages.
  2. In both the camera and the ____, light enters a narrow opening and is projected onto a photosensitive surface.
  3. The message or meaning in Helen Frankenthaler's amorphous abstract Bay Side seems to lie primarily in its ____.
  4. In the lost wax process, molten metal is poured into a fire-resistant mold known as a(n) ____.
  5. In creating his Christ Crucified between Two Thieves, Rembrandt used a drypoint needle in order to create ____.
  1. a human eye
  2. b investiture
  3. c color
  4. d soft velvety lines
  5. e Op Art

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  1. weight shift
  2. claustrophobic and compressed
  3. Picasso's Mandolin and Clarinet
  4. United States Civil War, whatsit
  5. woodcut, below

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  1. Michelangelo's Studies for the Libyan Sybil is a good example of a drawing that was meant to be used ____.fantasy


  2. Pen and ink are used to create drawings, such as Jean Dubuffet's Garden, that are essentially ____.linear


  3. In its original meaning, a ____ was a full-scale preliminary drawing executed on paper for projects such as frescoes, stained glass, oil paintings, or tapestries.cartoon


  4. In his famous 1907 photograph, Alfred Stieglitz captures the juxtaposition of the upper and lower classes on board the Kaiser Wilhelm II ship. This photograph is titled ____.Japanese kimono


  5. Andy Goldsworthy's Ice Star was produced using ____.imply movement and directionality


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