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  1. The ancient Greeks developed the concept of the ____ because they believed that it created ideal proportions in architecture.
  2. Which of the following statements about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is not correct?
  3. In La Source, Prud'hon's nude figure is ____.
  4. The original idea for reinforced concrete began in the 1860s with Jacques Monier, who proposed strengthening concrete ____ with wire mesh.
  5. Marc Chagall's self-portrait I and the Village can best be described as a depiction of ____.
  1. a Golden Mean
  2. b flower pots
  3. c There is a large label indicating who is being memorialized
  4. d fantasy
  5. e carefully modeled and 3 dimmensional

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  1. mosaic serpent by Gaudi
  2. scale
  3. patchwork quilt
  4. Op Art
  5. color

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  1. Broadly defined, ____ is the art of running an implement that leaves a mark over a surface.drawing


  2. One of the most beloved public sculptures in America is Emma Stebbins' Angel of the Waters, located ____.New York's Central Park


  3. Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel's 1928 surrealistic film Un Chien Andalou was intended by the creators to ____.evoke instinctive reactions of repulsion and attraction


  4. The device of ____ to create unity is reflected in the ages of the youth, their ethnicity, and their suggested bond of friendship in Delilah Montoya's Los Jovenes (Youth).post and lintel


  5. Chinese artist Wang Guangyi's Great Criticism: Coca-Cola is a ____ that resembles a commercially produced propaganda poster.Picasso's Old Guitarist


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