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  1. storms, starvation, sickness,
  2. Prince Henry the Navigator
  3. Hernando DeSoto
  4. Incas, Aztecs, Turks
  5. Turks
  1. a What people created empires?
  2. b Who was the first person to lead the expedition of the first Europeans to see the Mississippi River?
  3. c Who captured the important trading city, Constantinople, giving them control of the Middle East and closing the trade routes to Asia.
  4. d He started a school for training sailors in navigation which also helpe improve two important navigation tools: astrolabe and the compass.
  5. e What Dangers did the explorers face in the 1400s?

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  1. Who was the leader of the first expedition to sail around the world.
  2. He sailed west from Spain to the Americas looking for a water passage to Asia.
  3. Who claimed the Hudson River valley for the Dutch?
  4. Who helped Hernando Cortes fight the Aztecs since they were unhappy with Aztec rule?
  5. Who asked his people to stop fighting Cortes's forces?

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  1. Ahmad Ibn MajidOne of the largest and richest empires to rule South America.


  2. Marco PoloWho asked his people to stop fighting Cortes's forces?


  3. Everything Spain wanted plus gold and silverWhat did England hope to gain with expoloration?


  4. new trade routes, build empire, goods to tradeWhat was the main reason for exploration in 1400s?


  5. larger empire, spices and riches, expand Christianity, animal fursWhat did England hope to gain with expoloration?


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