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  1. Reactions that absorb heat from their surroundings
  2. How do you determine the volume of a solid?
  3. The reducing agent (provides electrons to the other species being reduced) is another name for?
  4. What compound have the oxidation number of +3?
  5. What is the most electronegative element?
  1. a the oxidized species
  2. b Endothermic Reactions
  3. c Fluorine
  4. d place solid into the liquid of a partially filled graduated cylinder until it is completely submerged
  5. e Aluminum and gallium

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  1. +1
  2. H+ ions and H2O
  3. Oxidation number
  4. Difference between mass of empty container and container plus sample
  5. reactants are oxidized

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  1. What is the oxidation number of free elements? Ex. Ne, Br2, S8The net charge on the species


  2. The oxidizing agent (recieves the electrons lost by the reducing agent) is another name for?the reduced species


  3. What is the unit used to express the density of a liquid?g/cm3


  4. The following changes indicate what? Gain electrons, compound decreases in oxygen, or compound increases in hydrogenreactants are oxidized


  5. What properties depend on the quantity of the sample? Ex. height, weight, mass and sizeextensive properties


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