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  1. What is the unit used to express the density of a solid?
  2. The following changes indicate what? Lose of electrons, compound increases in oxygen content, or compound decreases in hydrogen?
  3. What is the menisus?
  4. a compound breaks apart into two or more products
  5. What must the oxidation number for a chemical species equal?
  1. a g/cm3
  2. b reactants are oxidized
  3. c The net charge on the species
  4. d the curved liquid surface on a graduated cylinder
  5. e Decomposition Reaction Ex. C -->A+B

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  1. -1
  2. the oxidized species
  3. intensive properties
  4. Benedict's reagent (Cu2+)
  5. +1

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  1. the tendency of an atom in a bond to attract shared electronsOxidation-Reduction or Redox Reaction


  2. What is the second electronegative element?Oxygen


  3. What is the oxidation number of hydrogen when combined with metals?-1


  4. oxidizedReactant gains electrons (becomes more negative)


  5. The ration of the mass of a substance to its volume (D=m/v)Density


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