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  1. What is the name of the mixture used in some commercially available diabetes test kits?
  2. What is the unit used to express the density of a liquid?
  3. What electronegative element, combined with any other element has an oxidation number of -1
  4. Reactions that releases heat to their surroundings
  5. What is the second electronegative element?
  1. a g/mL
  2. b Benedict's reagent (Cu2+)
  3. c Exothermic Reactions
  4. d Oxygen
  5. e Fluorine

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  1. Double Displacement or Double Replacement Reaction Ex. AB+CD=AD+CB
  2. extensive properties
  3. Oxidation-Reduction or Redox Reaction
  4. Oxidation number
  5. reactants are reduced

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  1. When does oxygen usually have a -2 charge?the curved liquid surface on a graduated cylinder


  2. What must the oxidation number for a chemical species equal?The net charge on the species


  3. The following changes indicate what? Lose of electrons, compound increases in oxygen content, or compound decreases in hydrogen?reactants are reduced


  4. What is the most electronegative element?Oxygen


  5. What is the oxidation number of hydrogen when combined with metals?zero


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