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  1. What is the second electronegative element?
  2. Reperesents the difference between the number of valence elctrons surround the atom in the species involved the the reaction and the number present inthe atom's uncombinded form
  3. What must the oxidation number for a chemical species equal?
  4. What compound have the oxidation number of +3?
  5. What is the oxidation number of Gp VIIA elements in compound unless combined with a more negative element?
  1. a -1
  2. b Oxidation number
  3. c Oxygen
  4. d The net charge on the species
  5. e Aluminum and gallium

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  1. Fluorine
  2. zero
  3. Metals
  4. water or a gas
  5. peroxides and superoxides

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  1. What is the oxidation number of Alkali (Gp 1A) and Alkaline Earth (Gp 2A) metals respectively?+1 and +2


  2. When does oxygen usually have a -2 charge?Fluorine


  3. What properties do NOT depend on the quantity? Ex. density and birth dateg/mL


  4. When does combination, synthesis, or formation reactions occur?when two substances, usually in their elemental forms, combine to form a compound.


  5. Reactions that absorb heat from their surroundingsEndothermic Reactions


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