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  1. The oxidizing agent (recieves the electrons lost by the reducing agent) is another name for?
  2. The reducing agent (provides electrons to the other species being reduced) is another name for?
  3. a solid compound fromed from double displacement or double replacement reactions
  4. Which bond will have a negative oxidation number while the other atom will have a positive oxidation number?
  5. The following changes indicate what? Lose of electrons, compound increases in oxygen content, or compound decreases in hydrogen?
  1. a the more electronegative atom
  2. b Precipitate
  3. c the oxidized species
  4. d the reduced species
  5. e reactants are oxidized

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  1. Oxygen
  2. intensive properties
  3. the curved liquid surface on a graduated cylinder
  4. electronegativity
  5. +1

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  1. What is the oxidation number of free elements? Ex. Ne, Br2, S8The net charge on the species


  2. What is the unit used to express the density of a liquid?g/cm3


  3. The ration of the mass of a substance to its volume (D=m/v)Density


  4. What are the exceptions for oxygens oxidation number not to be -2 but -1?peroxides and superoxides


  5. Are metals or nonmetals LESS electornegative?Metals


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