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western civ college of the ozarks

the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century was

more a gradual building on the accomplishments of previous centuries than a sudden shift in thought

the greatest achievements in science during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries came in the areas of

astronomy, mechanics, and medicine

the general conception of the universe proir to copernicus held that

the earth was at a stationary center, orbited by perfect crystilline spheres

although he made deductions about the construction of the universe, copernicus was by formal training a

canon (church) lawyer

the universal theories proposed by copernicus

explained the apperance of the sun's rotation with a theory of earthly rotation

johannes kepler believed that the truth of the universe could be found by combining the study of mathematics with that of

neoplatonic magic

galileo held that the planets were

composed of material much like that of earth

isaac newton's scientific discoveries

formed the basis for universal physics until well into the twentieth century

newton's universal law of gravity

offered an explanation for all motion in theuniverse

paracelsus revolutionized the world of medicine in the sixteenth century by

treating diseases with hi "like cures like" method

the role of women in the Scientific Revolution was best characterized by

the manner in which margaret cavendish debated science with men

the overall effect of the scientific revolution on the querelles des femmes was to

justify the continuation of make dominance in the field

maria merian intruduces to the field of science the importance of

providing precise illustrations of her subjects

francis bacon was important to the scientific revolution because of his emphasis on

experimentation and inductive reasoning

organized religion in the seventeenth century

rejected scientific discoveries that conflicted with christians theology's view on the universe

during the seventeenth century, royal and princely patronage of science

became an internatinal phenomenon

the scientific societies established the first

journals describing the discoveries of members

science became an integral part of wester culture in the eighteenth century because

it offered a new means of making profit and maintaining social order

spinoza said that man's failure to understand the ture nature of God leads to

a society in whic men use nature for selfish puposes

blaise pascal believed that

god can be known on ly by the heart, not the reason

bernard de fontenelle, the man who popularized the new scientific learning, was for fifty years secretary of the

royal academy of science

the enlightenment of the eighteenth century was characterized by the philosophes'

rejection of traditional christian dogma

the french philosophes

fashioned a grand, rational system of thought

in this spirit of the laws, montesquieu argued for

balance between various branches of government

the form of religion called diesm was based on a

newtonian view of the world as a machine created by god

voltaire was perhaps best known for his criticism of

religions and social intolerance

diderot's opintions on sexuality inculded

the reuniciation of chastity for the unmarried

cesare beccaria challenged contemporary thought and practies concerning the

proper punishmen of criminals

identify the correct relationship between the social scientist and his work

francois quesnay tried to discover the natural economic lawa that govern human society

in his social contract rousseau expressed the belief that

a society achieves freedom by doing what is best for all

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