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  1. Credit Mobilier
  2. Helen Hunt Jackson, A Century of Dishonor
  3. Freedmen 's Bureau
  4. Henry Comstock and the Comstock Lode
  5. Homestead Act, 1862
  1. a ...
  2. b 1872, This was a fraudulent construction company created to take the profits of the Union Pacific Railroad. Using government funds for the railroad, the Union Pacific directors gave padded construction contracts to Congress members
  3. c 1865-Organization created at end of Civil War that aided southerns (mainly former slaves) with education, finding food, shelter and employment.
  4. d -sought to rally public opinion against the government's record of broken treaty obligations
    -Her book exposed the unjust manner in which the US government had treated the Indians.
    -protested the Dawes Severalty Act.
  5. e -enactment of Congress that gave 160 acres of publicly owned land to a farmer who lived on the land and farmed it for 2 years
    -inspired hundreds of thousands of americans to move westward in the years after the Civil War

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  1. ...
  2. united states general who was killed along with all his command by the sioux at the battle of little bighorn (1839-1876)
  3. to seek to influence legislators' votes for or against a bill; many groups hire persons called lobbyists to do this for them
  4. Strike of workers living in George Pullman's model company town near Chicago. Pullman announced a general cut in wages and fired leaders of the workers' delegation who tried to bargin with him. The workers then laid down their tools and asked the American Railroad Union for help. The union's boycott tied up rail transportation across the country. After the leader of the ARU in jail for six-months, the supreme court approved the use of court injunctions against strikes, which gave employers a very powerful weapon to break unions.
  5. sociologist who wrote Dynamic Sociology in 1883 and other books , in which he argued that civilization was not governed by natural selection but by human intelligence, which was capable of shaping society as it wished, and he believed that an active government engaged in positive planning, which was societies best hope.

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  1. Edward Bellamy, Looking Backwardunited states general who was killed along with all his command by the sioux at the battle of little bighorn (1839-1876)


  2. Great Sioux Reserveunited states general who was killed along with all his command by the sioux at the battle of little bighorn (1839-1876)


  3. Fetterman Massacre-investment banker
    -gained control of many railroads; he took over weakened systems, reorganized their administration, refinanced their debts, and but intersystem alliances
    -headed up Federal Steel which he ended up combining with Carnegie Steel after he bought Carnegie's shares
    -the new company was called United States Steel Corporation
    -first business capitalized at more than $1 billion


  4. 7. The type of government and society that settlers on the Great Plains created in the period 1870-1900...


  5. Jay Gouldan agreement among formerly competing companies to set uniform prices and divide the business among themselves according to a predetermined formula; the purpose is to maximize profits by ending competition


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