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  1. 1 1/2 inch
  2. True
  3. Signature Card
  4. hyphen
  5. Outstanding Checks
  1. a Endorsements are to be written within this amount of space.
  2. b When writing dollar amounts like 25 or 47 this separates the words.
  3. c Checks that have not been received by the bank.
  4. d Bank uses this as a comparison tool that you are the person who is writing or cashing a check.
  5. e You can cash a check if your name is spelled wrong on the "Pay to" line. True or False?

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  1. Two or more people who have access to an account.
  2. Some reasons why people have a checking account are it is safe, convenient, proof of payment, record of expenses, and to establish credit.
  3. The process of making your records agree with the bank statement.
  4. This is a record of canceled checks, deposits, ATM withdrawals, service charges, and interest.
  5. This type of endorsement requires only a signature.

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  1. Check RegisterYou should fill this out first before writing the check.


  2. Cancelled CheckYou should fill this out first before writing the check.


  3. Sign itWhat you should do when you want money back on a deposit slip.


  4. CreditMaintaining a checking account correctly can help you establish what?


  5. VoidA way to take care of your banking needs 24 hours a day.


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