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  1. Millennium Development Goals
  2. New Deal
  3. The Hobo News
  4. What are some approaches to establishing estimates? What are some problems with these approaches?
  5. Social Security Act
  1. a Published in NYC, publisher was Ben (Hobo) Benson, the "Coast Kid" who had been on the road since 1898
    Each issue provided:
    1. advice for hobos (e.g., what places to avoid or what trains to ride)
    2. opinion pieces supporting the hobo lifestyle and railing against government restrictions
    3. Cartoons
    4. Poems
    5. Personal accounts of life on the road
  2. b eight international development goals that were established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000
    The first is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  3. c Where to Look: shelters, streets (both downtown and residential), transitional housing programs, outreach teams, feeding and health care programs, etc.
    Gather Clarifying Information
    Sampling or Counting: interview few people for more info b/c counting cannot estimate
  4. d August 14th, 1935 drafted by Roosevelt as part of New Deal
    Attempt to limit old age, poverty, unemployment
    Provided benefits to retirees and the unemployed, and a lump-sum benefit at death
  5. e Through Roosevelt
    economic programs enacted in the United States
    In response to Great Depression, Three R's: Relief, Recovery and Reform
    Relief for the unemployed and poor; Recovery of the economy to normal levels; Reform of the financial system

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  1. Obama Care
    ability to stay on parent's healthcare
  2. Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt champion of human rights
    Helped tocreate Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948): Relevance to Homelessness
  3. 1902-1904 wrote "Life and the Labour of the People in London"
    British businessman, politician, and soc. reformer who org. and directed a major survey of the poor in London
    Lived among the poor as a method of developing pertinent questions
    Laid groundwork for a universal pension sys.
  4. new law reformed system, and later when found inadequate, new system again developed in 1929
  5. 1937 wrote "How to Go to California Without a Dollar" from the Hobo News

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  1. What are some major Social Science research methods? Advantages/Disadvantages of each1929, found inadequate b/c of new problems dealing with the Great Depression and following WWI and Industrial Revolution


  2. Why is it difficult to count/estimate the number of homeless individuals?The number changes daily, due to people moving or living in a temporary residence, living in a motel one night and in a park the next
    Living arrangements vary depending on episode of homelessness
    Some don't want to be found


  3. Act for Relief of the Poor (1601)new law reformed system, and later when found inadequate, new system again developed in 1929


  4. Stewart B. McKinney1918 wrote "The Homeless"
    Superintendent of New York's Municipal Lodging House, wrote article ("The Homeless") that lead to significant advances in social policy
    Four-tiered classification system
    1. The Self-Supported
    2. The Temporary Dependent
    3. The Chronically Dependent
    4. The Parasitic
    Called for a farm colony outside the city came to be in 1934 with the establishment of a work camp at Camp La Guardia


  5. The Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834Created for the Amendment and better admin. of the laws relating to the poor ion England
    Did away with a mix of old laws, created unified strategy
    Stipulated that the poor receiving parish assistance (orphans, widows, unmarried poor women, aged, infirm, homeless) had to live in workhouses and perform work


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