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  1. Mogadishu
  2. Zen Buddhism
  3. Changan
  4. oldest (new world); foundation of all civilization in Mezo (middle) america; people think that their is a connection between them and africa cuz of the identical statues
  5. Han; happened at the same time as Europe
  1. a what is the classical dynasty in china
  2. b chineese capital city, grew to approximently 2 million
  3. c Olmecs
  4. d the capital and largest city of Somalia, made a great living trading in the Inidna Ocean
  5. e japaneese buddhsim

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  1. Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico
  2. ritiual sucide
  3. the honnor code of the Samurai
  4. Incas
  5. author of the Tale of Genji which was the first novel

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  1. Stepperitiual sucide


  2. richest empire in the world at the time; capital-Timbuckto; greatest ruler-Mansa Musa,when he went on haji handed out gold, which started a myth that there was a city their made of goldSamari


  3. Axuman ancient calculator


  4. Samuraiwhat is the religion in northern africa


  5. Ghanakingdom of west Africa, upper class eventually converted to Isalm


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