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  1. violent; HUMAN SACRIFICE; capital-Tenochtitlan(built on a lake now Mexico City); last ruler in Moctezuma; Cortez conquered him and did it with few men
  2. Samurai
  3. Ibn Battuta
  4. code of ethics (Japan) for samari; like nights of w. Europe
  5. Han
  1. a Aztecs
  2. b in 1200's famous muslum tavler came to Mali and described it in his book.
  3. c Bushio
  4. d What was the name of the great classical Chinese Dynasty?
  5. e rich landholding noblemen used them as their enforcers

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  1. grassy regions that are in the south& east of the Saraha Desert
  2. a process when other people were infulenced by China
  3. military commanders; ran the country behind the thrones
  4. a typhoon that destroyed most of the mogolan navy
  5. vietnam travler, kublai kan was ruler of china when he came to visit

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  1. Trung Sistersnative religon in Japan, belief that spirts inhabit all natural objects


  2. land bridgesaid to have connected Asia and Alaska, this is believe to be how the native amercians got to the new world


  3. Yamatoreplaced Ghana, made their wealth from trade of gold, salt,& slaves, greatest king was Mansamusa who ruled 8million people, &he was famous for his haji where he passed out gold to everyone


  4. Seppukumilitary commanders; ran the country behind the thrones


  5. "divine wind"Kamicazi


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