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  1. Marco Polo
  2. squash, potatos, beans, maize
  3. Shih Huang- di
  4. Japan made this into their own religion
  5. richest empire in the world at the time; capital-Timbuckto; greatest ruler-Mansa Musa,when he went on haji handed out gold, which started a myth that there was a city their made of gold
  1. a Zen Buddism
  2. b vietnam travler, kublai kan was ruler of china when he came to visit
  3. c What are the 4 main Central and South American crops discovered by the spanish?
  4. d the emperor that reunified china after the collapse of the Zhou dynasty
  5. e Mali (name 3 things)

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  1. Descride feudalism in Japan.
  2. worlds first novel, was about the affiars of a japaneese prince
  3. the capital and largest city of Somalia, made a great living trading in the Inidna Ocean
  4. one of Mansamusa's greatest citys
  5. raised piece of land, makes it hard to approch this land from the sea

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  1. Yamatoearly family that ruled Japan, they sent young people to China to study and learn their arts and techniques


  2. code of ethics (Japan) for samari; like nights of w. EuropeMachupechu


  3. MoctezumaSpanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico


  4. famous for CALENDER-which ends in 2012; famous for pyramids; (know differences and similarities of Egyptains and MayansMayans


  5. Ibn Battutagreatest king of the Mali people, famous for his haji where he passed out gold to everyone


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