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  1. Thailand?
  2. "divine wind"
  3. Yamato
  4. Axum/Kush
  5. Shogun
  1. a Kamicazi
  2. b Which African kingdom became and remains a christian people?
  3. c Which Asian people fiercely resisted sinification?
  4. d early family that ruled Japan, they sent young people to China to study and learn their arts and techniques
  5. e military commanders; ran the country behind the thrones

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  1. greatest king of the Mali people, famous for his haji where he passed out gold to everyone
  2. Why do some scholars see a human link between America and Egypt?
  3. vietnam travler, kublai kan was ruler of china when he came to visit
  4. Which Asian people willingly copied Chinese culture?
  5. what is the religion in northern africa

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  1. Kublai Khanwhat is the religion in northern africa


  2. What was the legend of Timbuktu?worlds first novel, was about the affiars of a japaneese prince


  3. Shintoismnative religon in Japan, belief that spirts inhabit all natural objects


  4. Kamikazea typhoon that destroyed most of the mogolan navy


  5. MaliWhat was the name of the great classical Chinese Dynasty?


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