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  1. squash, potatos, beans, maize
  2. Bushido
  3. Mombasa
  4. Kublai Khan
  5. Japan made this into their own religion
  1. a city thats located on an island in currect day Kenya and was a major trading city
  2. b What are the 4 main Central and South American crops discovered by the spanish?
  3. c the honnor code of the Samurai
  4. d Zen Buddism
  5. e led a great Mongolan invation , was one of Chinghis Khan's grandsons

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  1. Mayans
  2. Which Asian people fiercely resisted sinification?
  3. the capital and largest city of Somalia, made a great living trading in the Inidna Ocean
  4. was the last emperor (Aztecs) at the time Cortez arrived in 1519 and conquerd the city
  5. Why do some scholars see a human link between America and Egypt?

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  1. CuzcoThe capital city of the Incan Empire, Located in present-day Peru


  2. Muslimthe honnor code of the Samurai


  3. Seppukumilitary commanders; ran the country behind the thrones


  4. Trung Sisterslead an armed rebellion in 39 CE, unfourtnatlly it was crush& the Vietnamese were unable to secure indeoendence for another 900 years


  5. quiputhe largest group of people that lived in Africa, most africans in the rest of africa are decendants of this grou, they had no written language& basic unit of society was a clan


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