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  1. Cortes
  2. CIvil Service Exam
  3. Han; happened at the same time as Europe
  4. "divine wind"
  5. Shintoism
  1. a native religon in Japan, belief that spirts inhabit all natural objects
  2. b Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico
  3. c Kamicazi
  4. d what is the classical dynasty in china
  5. e introduced to find eldligable canadates for govorment positions

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  1. Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas in what is now Peru and founded the city of Lima
  2. What were some Chinese inventions during this post-classical dynasty?
  3. empoor was given this, said to be sent by god
  4. was the last emperor (Aztecs) at the time Cortez arrived in 1519 and conquerd the city
  5. an ancient calculator

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  1. Savannahrich landholding noblemen used them as their enforcers


  2. Dejenne Mosquefamous site in Mali, unusual because it is made of all mud


  3. code of ethics (Japan) for samari; like nights of w. Europewhat is the classical dynasty in china


  4. land bridgesaid to have connected Asia and Alaska, this is believe to be how the native amercians got to the new world


  5. Thailand?Which Asian people fiercely resisted sinification?


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