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  1. had a code of ethics called bushio; and did ritual suicide
  2. Song and Tang
  3. Trung Sisters
  4. Axum/Kush
  5. squash, potatos, beans, maize
  1. a Which African kingdom became and remains a christian people?
  2. b What was the name of the great post-classical Chinese dynasty?
  3. c Samari
  4. d What are the 4 main Central and South American crops discovered by the spanish?
  5. e lead an armed rebellion in 39 CE, unfourtnatlly it was crush& the Vietnamese were unable to secure indeoendence for another 900 years

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  1. Zimbabway
  2. kingdom of west Africa, upper class eventually converted to Isalm
  3. native religon in Japan, belief that spirts inhabit all natural objects
  4. What are the 4 dynasties (old to new) of china?
  5. What were some Chinese inventions during this post-classical dynasty?

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  1. CIvil Service Examsaid to have connected Asia and Alaska, this is believe to be how the native amercians got to the new world


  2. Moctezumawas the last emperor (Aztecs) at the time Cortez arrived in 1519 and conquerd the city


  3. Footbindingcommon among upperclass women in China, kept womens inferior social ranking


  4. different families were all ruling at the same time, and commanders of armies were ruling more than the actual emperorDescride feudalism in Japan.


  5. because they thought that there was no way Africans could have built it, they thought that africans were backward and probably not quite humanBushio


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