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  1. Chagas
  2. Puerperal sepsis
  3. endocarditis
  4. Undulant fever
  5. Typhus
  1. a AKA- childbirth fever, strep infection of the uterus; tx with penecillin
  2. b caused by Rickettsasis; Transferred by insects, attacks endothelial cells; symptoms: fever, rash, kidney, and heart failure. Treatment with tetracycline or Chloraphenic
  3. c caused by trypanodium cruzi; transferred from wild animals> kissing bugs> humans. Travels from Blood to the organs; causes them to swell or shut down; treatment- Nifrutimax
  4. d inflammation of the endocardium, symptoms: fever, anemia, weakness and heart murmur
  5. e caused by Brucella, transferred by milk or grazing animals; Symptoms: fever, chills, sores, necrosis: treatment: tetracycline and streptomycin for several weeks

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  1. caused by bacillus antracis, skin sores or fatal septicemia and hemmorage; transferred by contact or inhalation; treated with penecillan
  2. bacteria growing in the blood, can cause shock
  3. immune cells
  4. caused by Frabcisella tularecis, symptoms: sores, swollen lymph nodes, septicemia, pneumonia; treatment: streptomycin
  5. carry blood to the heart

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  1. ateriolessmall branches of arteries


  2. tonsilsfilters mucus and saliva


  3. myocardiummuscle layer of the heart


  4. eosinophilsallergies, attack parasites


  5. plateletsblood clotters


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