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  1. tonsils
  2. eosinophils
  3. plague
  4. lymph nodes
  5. arteries
  1. a carry blood away from the heart
  2. b caused by Yersenia pestis, 2 different forms: Bubonic- swollen lymph nodes, septicemia, and death in 1 wk. Pneumonic: lung infection, septicemia, and death in 3 days. transferred by rats and fleas; treatment with antibiotics
  3. c filters mucus and saliva
  4. d filter lymph between the cells
  5. e allergies, attack parasites

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  1. caused by Protozoans; transferred by cats and their litter. Mild symptoms in children and adults, can cause fetal damage; treated pyrimethamine
  2. small vessels that connect capillaries to veins
  3. interupted blood supply
  4. macrophages
  5. caused by Rickettsasis; Transferred by insects, attacks endothelial cells; symptoms: fever, rash, kidney, and heart failure. Treatment with tetracycline or Chloraphenic

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  1. Rheumatic feverautoimmune destruction of immune valves after systemic strep infection


  2. capillariesbranches of arteries, only 1 layer thick, where gases and nutrients exchange between and tissues


  3. RBCscarry blood to the heart


  4. ateriolescarry blood away from the heart


  5. septicemiabacteria growing in the blood, can cause shock


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