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  1. celibacy
  2. monasticism
  3. Peter Waldo
  4. breviary
  5. friars
  1. a monks who preached and did missionary work
  2. b withdrawing from society to live in solitude
  3. c founded the Waldensians
  4. d abstinence from marriage
  5. e service & worship book of the church

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  1. Frederick Barbarossa's grandson; entangled himself in Italy
  2. Pope Leo I recognized as supreme over the Roman church
  3. land of the middle kingdom north of the Alps
  4. the idea that Christ had appointed the apostles succeed his ministry on earth
  5. Charles Martel defeated the invading Muslims at the...?

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  1. Papal StatesDonation of Pepin; other name


  2. indulgencescertificates from the pope that excused a person from doing penance and shortened the required stay in purgatory


  3. Fransicansorder of friars founded by St. Dominic


  4. MoorsMuslims from N. Africa


  5. Saxondeceased Christians officially recognized by the church as holy


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