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  1. deacons
  2. breviary
  3. celibacy
  4. nuns
  5. Roman Catholic Church
  1. a Greek for "servant"
  2. b abstinence from marriage
  3. c idea that the Roman church is supreme over all churches and the bishop of Rome is supreme over all bishops
  4. d women who practice monasticism
  5. e service & worship book of the church

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  1. was born when Otto the Great was crowned
  2. Frederick Barbarossa's grandson; entangled himself in Italy
  3. Gelasius I enunciated two swords doctrine
  4. first medieval pope
  5. an area along the northern coast of France

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  1. hermitsearliest monks who lived in the wilderness


  2. bishopsGreek for "overseer" or "superintendent"


  3. marksmost dominant Germanic tribe


  4. monasticismorder of friars founded by St. Dominic


  5. Saxonline of kings begun with Henry the Fowler


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