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  1. Christmas Day 800
  2. Lorraine
  3. Frederick II
  4. friars
  5. Christmas Day 498
  1. a When was Clovis baptized?
  2. b land of the middle kingdom north of the Alps
  3. c Charlemagne is "unexpectedly" crowned emperor of Rome by the pope
  4. d Frederick Barbarossa's grandson; entangled himself in Italy
  5. e monks who preached and did missionary work

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  1. Henry the Fowler became...?
  2. theory that Peter was made head of the church
  3. nomadic people from Asia who penetrated deep into southeastern Europe
  4. location of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway
  5. rigid rules for monks

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  1. Simeon Stylitesline of emperors that began with Frederick Barbarossa


  2. saintsdeceased Christians officially recognized by the church as holy


  3. Papal Statesperched alone for 37 years atop a stone pillar over 50 feet high


  4. excommunicatedcut off from the church


  5. Norsemen (Vikings)order of friars founded by St. Dominic


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