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  1. Pepin the Short
  2. Carolingian miniscule
  3. Dominicans
  4. Gregory I
  5. Irenaeus
  1. a church leader who declared that every church must agree with the church of Rome
  2. b Charles Martel's son who became Mayor of the Palace and followed his father as a strong leader
  3. c order of friars founded by St. Dominic
  4. d legible style of handwriting which became the basis for modern handwriting
  5. e first medieval pope

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  1. an area along the northern coast of France
  2. nobles who claimed the right of choosing the kings
  3. idea that the Roman church is supreme over all churches and the bishop of Rome is supreme over all bishops
  4. Muslims from N. Africa
  5. monasteries for nuns

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  1. Frederick Barbarossafounded the Petrobrusians


  2. Emperor of the Romanschief official of the royal household


  3. Charles AugustusCharlemagne's title as emperor


  4. Charles the BaldCharlemagne's only son who ruled weakly


  5. celibacyline of emperors; did not resolve the empire's conflicts


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