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  1. Clovis
  2. marks
  3. John Wycliffe
  4. transubstantiation
  5. Charles Augustus
  1. a doctrine that bread and wine become body & blood of Jesus in the hands of the Eucharist
  2. b first great Frankish military and political leader
  3. c series of provinces
  4. d Charlemagne's title as emperor
  5. e gave the English people the Bible in their own tongue by translating it from Latin to English

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  1. Henry the Fowler became...?
  2. Duke of Saxony, elected to act as king of Germany
  3. Charles Martel's son who became Mayor of the Palace and followed his father as a strong leader
  4. Pepin's son; name means "Charles the Great"
  5. line of kings begun with Henry the Fowler

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  1. Benedictan Italian monk who founded a monastery at Monte Cassino in southern Italy


  2. ElectorsGreek for "servant"


  3. Charles the Baldmost famous Mayor of the Palace


  4. Christmas Day 800an area along the northern coast of France


  5. excommunicatedcut off from the church


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