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  1. The demand for autos is likely to be:
  2. Josh will receive a salary of $300,000 next year. According to prospect theory:
  3. Which type of goods is most adversely affected by recessions?
  4. If the demand for farm products is price inelastic, a good harvest will cause farm revenues to:
  5. In which of the following market structures is there clear-cut mutual interdependence with respect to price-output policies?
  1. a Josh will only be happy with that salary if his cost of living has not increased.
  2. b decrease
  3. c less price elastic than the demand for Honda Accords.
  4. d oligopoly
  5. e Goods for which the income elasticity coefficient is relatively high and positive.

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  1. and industry output will be less than the initial price and output.
  2. the price elasticity of demand is 2.25.
  3. creative destruction.
  4. can influence decision-making with irrelevant information.
  5. Alex's behavior is consistent with the endowment effect.

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  1. (Last Word) When patents on new medications expire, the market for those drugs:change from being monopolistic to being competitive.


  2. The fact that most medical care purchases are financed through insurance:increases the amount of health care consumed by reducing the price of additional units of care.


  3. Because of "mental accounting:"to firms in all types of industries.


  4. The MR = MC rule applies:to firms in all types of industries.


  5. The demand for a necessity whose cost is a small portion of one's total income is:less price elastic than the demand for Honda Accords.


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