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  1. Unwitting
  2. impartial
  3. supervise
  4. derogatory
  5. plumage
  1. a A birds feathers.
  2. b To direct or manage activities.
  3. c Not done on purpose;unintended.
  4. d Expressing a low opinion; intended to hurt the reputation of a person or thing.
  5. e Not favoring one side over another; fair.

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  1. Genuine; True.
  2. struck with horror;shocked.
  3. To make an enemy of; to stir up anger or dislike.
  4. To force out of a property by taking legal action.
  5. To scold in a harsh or formal manner. A strong scolding from someone in authority.

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  1. figmentSomething that is made up in the mind.


  2. priorComing earlier in time.


  3. AdmonishTo form; to make up. To consist of or include.


  4. predatoryLiving by killing or eating animals. Living by robbing or stealing from others.


  5. authorityTo receive something from someone after that persons death or to receive, as part of one's physical or mental make-up from one's parents.


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