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  1. antagonize
  2. epidemic
  3. Bestow
  4. Muse
  5. agent
  1. a To think about in a quiet, careful way.
  2. b A person who acts or does business for another or something that brings about a result.
  3. c The rapid spreading of a disease to many people at one time.
  4. d To make an enemy of; to stir up anger or dislike.
  5. e To give as an honor; to present as a gift.

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  1. To pay attention to. Attention;notice.
  2. To match;to be equal to or to exchange letteres with another person.
  3. Hard working, not lazy.
  4. to warn or to criticize gently.
  5. Forceful anger; fury.

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  1. PlagueA deadly disease that spreads rapidly from person to person. To cause suffering or distress.


  2. dilapidatedTo ruin or completely destroy.


  3. latitudeThe condition of being alone.


  4. authenticGenuine; True.


  5. devourHaving many twist and turns;winding. Or sneaky; not frank or honest.


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