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  1. evict
  2. ungainly
  3. impartial
  4. loath
  5. agent
  1. a To force out of a property by taking legal action.
  2. b Not favoring one side over another; fair.
  3. c A person who acts or does business for another or something that brings about a result.
  4. d moving in a clumsy or awkward way.
  5. e Unwilling;reluctant.

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  1. To gain ownership of something; to get by one's own efforts.
  2. A birds feathers.
  3. To become weaker; to decrease.
  4. Not done on purpose;unintended.
  5. To eat up hungrily.

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  1. mythicalA human being. Or very severe, causing death.


  2. competentHaving the ability to do what is needed.


  3. BestowA human being. Or very severe, causing death.


  4. Annihilateto destroy completely; to reduce to utter ruin.


  5. priorComing earlier in time.


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