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  1. The law that required all citizens to help catch runaway slaves was the
  2. What did antislavery people do in response to the proslavery laws passed by the new Kansas legislature?
  3. What did the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 require?
  4. What did free African Americans and whites who opposed slavery set up to help runaways escape?
  5. Why didStephen Douglas propose organizing the region west of Missouri and Iowa as the territories of Kansas and Nebraska?
  1. a all citizen to help catch runaways
  2. b Underground Railroad
  3. c encouraging settlement in the west
  4. d refused to accept, held own elctions, adopted constitution
  5. e Fugitive Slave Act

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  1. boundary of slavery
  2. Kansas
  3. Missourians traveled in armed groups
  4. Popular Sovereignty
  5. border ruffians

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  1. What let Douglas to propose abandoning the Missouri Compromise?it would give the north an advantage in the Senate


  2. Kansasterritory open to slavery


  3. Sam Houston predicted this act would "convulse the country from Maine to the Rio Grande"civil war


  4. When did Congress pass the Kansas-Nebraska ActMissourians traveled in armed groups


  5. What happened in Kansas in the election of 1855?Simon Legree


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