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  1. composite volcanoes
  2. focus
  3. epicenter
  4. faults
  5. shield volcanoes
  1. a mediun sized mountains with steep peaks and gently sloping sides
  2. b large mountains with gentle slopes
  3. c the point on the surface right above the focus
  4. d the point where the movement of an earthquake first took place
  5. e where most earthquakes occur, which is where crust along which rock move

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  1. an instrument that records earthquake waves
  2. small volcanoes made up of hardened lava chunks and have steep sides
  3. melted rock inside the Earth
  4. measures the energy that is released during an earthquake
  5. a vibration or shaking of the Earth's crust

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  1. volcanoa mountain that forms when red-hot melted rock flows through a crack onto the earth's surface


  2. why don't volcanic mountains look the same?the sudden build up and release of energy in rocks


  3. 3 ways plates can move together bycrust,mantle,core


  4. what causes an earthquake?the sudden build up and release of energy in rocks


  5. platesmelted rock that reaches the Earth's surface


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