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Industrial Revolution 2nd review Test

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  1. poor infrastructure
  2. put german states in competion not cooraporation, slowed industrial growth
  3. allowed resources and products to be distibuted, 1850
  4. "National System Of Political economy," encouraged tarriffs to prvent British goods from flodding the market, changed his mind and supported lazzie faire
  5. limited, which failed to connect different regions

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  1. wars and rebellionskept merchants from investing in infrastructre, made industrialization paralized


  2. reasonS the continent was late industrializingwars/rebellions, political and economic disunty, bad infrastructure/tarrifs, strong artisan guilds


  3. European powers refused to let industrialation _____spread, led to European dominace of the world


  4. joint stock banksin german states, increased competion not coorapration, resoarces and products had a difficult time being distibuted


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