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  1. Numerically from top to bottom
  2. centered over the column
  3. False
  4. True
  5. Descending
  1. a You can yse the Sort feature to arrange text in a table in either ascending or __________ order.
  2. b The first column in a table should ALWAYS be the widest.
  3. c Row in a table are labled
  4. d How should a column heading be positioned
  5. e If your table has a source note, you should position it below the table at the left.

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  1. The data entry row height may be more than the column heading row height.
  2. You will most often use bottom vertical alignment for table column headings and center vertical alignment for data rows beneath the headings.
  3. Tables are most attractive when they are centered horizontally on the page.
  4. Within columns, words may be either left-aligned or center-aligned.
  5. The secondary title of a table should be centered a DS below the _____ title.

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  1. FalseThe main title in a table should be centered in the first column of the table.


  2. bodyThe secondary title of a table should be centered a DS below the _____ title.


  3. GridlinesSome software prints lines, called _______, between table columns and rows.


  4. alphabeticallyColumns in a table are labeled _________ from left to right.


  5. TrueData rows usually are either center-aligned or bottom-aligned.


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