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  1. False
  2. alphabetically
  3. underlined
  4. Numerically from top to bottom
  5. The left and right margins will be equal
  1. a A table should have no more than 4 columns
  2. b If you center your table horizontally_______
  3. c If you table does not include gridlines, then the last entry in an amount column with a total should be ________.
  4. d Row in a table are labled
  5. e Columns in a table are labeled _________ from left to right.

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  1. A secondary title in a table should be keyed in ALL CAPS.
  2. Data rows usually are either center-aligned or bottom-aligned.
  3. The basic building blocks of tables are columns and cells
  4. The secondary title of a table should be centered a DS below the _____ title.
  5. Jenny wants to divide a cell in her table into two smaller cells. What is the name of the formatting feature she should use?

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  1. bodyThe data entries in a table are referred to as the __________.


  2. TrueAn arrangement of data in rows and columns is called a _______.


  3. TrueWhen you complete a table, you should always proofread you work before closing or printing the file.


  4. GridlinesSome software prints lines, called _______, between table columns and rows.


  5. TrueWithin columns, words may be either left-aligned or center-aligned.


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