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  1. True
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  1. a Within columns, words may be either left-aligned or center-aligned.
  2. b If you cneter your table vertically, the left and right margins will be equal.

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  1. Tables are most attractive when they are centered horizontally on the page.
  2. The first column in a table should ALWAYS be the widest.
  3. A secondary title in a table should be keyed in ALL CAPS.
  4. A table should have no more than 4 columns
  5. You will most often use bottom vertical alignment for table column headings and center vertical alignment for data rows beneath the headings.

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  1. MainIf your table has a source note, you should position it below the table at the left.


  2. underlinedIf you table does not include gridlines, then the last entry in an amount column with a total should be ________.


  3. The left and right margins will be equalIf you center your table horizontally_______


  4. DescendingThe secondary title of a table should be centered a DS below the _____ title.


  5. FalseAn arrangement of data in rows and columns is called a _______.


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