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  1. How much power is used when a person pushes an object with 100N of force a distance of 10m in 5 seconds?
  2. machines can be classified as either ___ or ___ machines
  3. A force is a ___ or ___
  4. Is the fulcrum, effort, of resistance in the middle for a 3rd class lever?
  5. The formula for IMA is:
  1. a 200 Watts
  2. b The effort
  3. c Length divided by Height
  4. d push or pull
  5. e simple or compound

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  1. A wedge moves and an inclined plane doesn't
  2. Gear
  3. finding the LCM of the 2 gears based on the # of teeth they have, and dividing the LCM by the # of teeth they each have
  4. w = f x d
  5. moveable

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  1. The gear transmitting the force is called the _____ geardriven


  2. These pulleys change the direction of the applied force:fixed and block and tackle


  3. The 3 types of pulley's are:fixed, moveable, and block and tackle


  4. 3 examples of fluids are:water, oil, and air


  5. The force exerted by a fluid is called _____ frictionfluid


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