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  1. Acquiescence
  2. Caveat Emptor
  3. Canard
  4. Cavil
  5. Harbinger
  1. a To find fault in trivial matters or raise petty objections.
  2. b A fabrication or unfounded story.
  3. c A forerunner. something that foreshadows a future event or trend.
  4. d The act of passive agreement or assent without objection.
  5. e "Let the buyer beware"; a latin term warning that swindles and misrepresentation are common in the world of commerce.

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  1. Wordy. That which uses unnecessary language.
  2. Extremely talkative. Someone prone to nervous chatter.
  3. Ruffled, upset. That which upsets harmony or balance.
  4. Strong and powerful; reminiscent of the god Hercules in vitality. Also can mean daunting or formidable-so difficult as to require the strength of Hercules
  5. A paradise or utopia.

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  1. EnnuiListlessness, dissatisfaction, or boredom.


  2. WritheWordy. That which uses unnecessary language.


  3. InvectiveAbusive language. denunciatory or overly harsh speech or writing.


  4. BelieTo find fault in trivial matters or raise petty objections.


  5. BefuddleTo disprove or demonstrate to be false; to contradict appearances.


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