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  1. Legislative Branch
  2. Magna Carta
  3. 3 branches of government
  4. Embargo
  5. Raw materials
  1. a judicial, legislative, executive
  2. b branch that makes the laws; congress
  3. c no trade; no ships go in and no ships come out
  4. d in 1215 this was the first document to limit the rights of kings
  5. e materials that are needed to make other goods

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  1. having to do with the buying and selling of goods; money
  2. having more than is needed
  3. gave women the right to vote 1920
  4. the term that means approved
  5. the only way to change the U.S. constititution

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  1. Executive branchbranch that makes the laws; congress


  2. Credible Sourcea dependable source that provides accurate and well researched information


  3. 26th Ammendmentgave 18 year olds the right to vote


  4. Biasthe only way to change the U.S. constititution


  5. Judicial Branchbranch of government that carries out the laws or puts them into use; president


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