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  1. Bill of Rights
  2. Primary Source
  3. Ratified
  4. Reliable Source
  5. Secondary Source
  1. a the term that means approved
  2. b the first 10 ammendments
  3. c a document produced after the event
  4. d document written at the time of the event or shortly thereafter
  5. e a dependable source that provides accurate and well researched information

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  1. the only way to change the U.S. constititution
  2. in 1215 this was the first document to limit the rights of kings
  3. branch of government that carries out the laws or puts them into use; president
  4. having to do with the laws
  5. branch that interpret the laws; courts and judges

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  1. Economiconly 1 supplier of goods


  2. Articles of Confederationjudicial, legislative, executive


  3. Raw materialspolicy where one country tries to gain more land


  4. 3 branches of governmentjudicial, legislative, executive


  5. Biasinformation that is one-sided; only gives one point of view


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