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  1. Embargo
  2. Credible Source
  3. Executive branch
  4. Secondary Source
  5. 13th ammendment
  1. a branch of government that carries out the laws or puts them into use; president
  2. b does not have the same scientific degree of accuracy as a reliable source; still trustworthy
  3. c no trade; no ships go in and no ships come out
  4. d a document produced after the event
  5. e abolished slavery 1865

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  1. materials that are needed to make other goods
  2. document written at the time of the event or shortly thereafter
  3. a dependable source that provides accurate and well researched information
  4. having to do with the laws
  5. first U.S. constitution ratifies by 13 colonies; weak

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  1. Ammendthe only way to change the U.S. constititution


  2. Economiconly 1 supplier of goods


  3. Imperialismpolicy where one country tries to gain more land


  4. Marketthe only way to change the U.S. constititution


  5. Biasthe only way to change the U.S. constititution


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