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  1. n. a formally agreed period during which an activity is halted or a planned activity is postponed
  2. v. to prevent somebody or something from making further progress
  3. adj. marked by lucky signs or good omens, and therefore by the promise of success or happiness
  4. n. an indication that something, often something unpleasant, is going to happen
  5. adj. lying on the back and with the face upward

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  1. contingentadj. dependent on or resulting from a future and as yet unknown event or circumstance


  2. imposingadj. large and stately, thus creating an impression of grandeur


  3. sardonicadj. lying on the back and with the face upward


  4. crassn. the extent of something, especially when it is impressively great


  5. modicumn. a small amount, especially of something abstract such as a quality


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