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  1. laminitis
  2. pancreas
  3. heifer program
  4. Roughage
  5. nitrogen deficiency
  1. a goal is to freshen (give birth and start milking) at 2 years of age
  2. b secretes digestive enzymes
  3. c microbes use the energy to survive and new microbes are not produced; ammonia levels drop
  4. d indigestible materials, mostly cellulose, found in foods.
  5. e inflammation of lamina withing hoof; high grain feeding>large amount of CHO's>increase in lactic acid production>lower pH>kills other bacteria>endotoxin released>founders

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  1. acidic rumen caused by feeding too many RAC's; lactic acid accumulates and the health of the ruminant deteriorates
  2. fermentable but not digestible; part of plant
  3. protein source naturally resistant or modified to protect them from microbial fermentation; circumvent microbes to provide additional amino acid source to ruminant; roasted soybeans and corn gluten meal
  4. halfway between lignin and cellulose, is fermentable but not digestible
  5. tests the digestibility of the feed

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  1. Green chopcow that has gone through lactation and dried up; allows involution of mammary gland and preparation for next lactation


  2. non-ruminantshindgut/postgastric fermenter; simple stomach that cannot digest fiber as easily; fermentation occurs after stomach; horse


  3. Feline Central Retinal Degenerationchewing, churning processes


  4. causes of colicparasites, ground feeding, not properly chewing feed, fed too much grain


  5. esophaguspassage tube in digestive tract


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