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  1. Cow supplements
  2. ruminant
  3. 2:1
  4. % ADF
  5. Y (standard curve)
  1. a Ca:P ratio
  2. b foregut/pregastric fermenter; 4-compartment stomach; can digest fiber and carbs; cow
  3. c provides estimate of digestibility; increase equals a decrease in digestibility
  4. d Vitamins A and E and selenium
  5. e amount of WSC

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  1. more economical horse diet, contains more DE per kg, higher energy content can lead to overfeeding
  2. halfway between lignin and cellulose, is fermentable but not digestible
  3. microbes have access only after gastric and intestinal digestion have occurred; VFA's absorbed across colon and oxidized as source of energy; microbial protein and B vitamins lost in feces
  4. when too much energy is fed to dry cow after calving; decreased resistance to infection and increased incidence of metabolic diseases
  5. chemical digestion and absorption by microvilli

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  1. symptoms of colicreaction of horse to abdominal pain usually due to compaction of food


  2. pancreassecretes digestive enzymes


  3. Rolled corntype of forage that is high moisture; cut and chopped in field; fed fresh to animals; grasses, legumes, corn


  4. 25% dinner ruleif an ingredient is listed as being "with"


  5. hyperamonemiamicrobial digestion process


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