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  1. Finisher Diet
  2. gullet
  3. rumen
  4. Balance Trial
  5. Energy Deficient Diet
  1. a main site of anaerobic fermentation; papillae aid absorption
  2. b protein in diet is oxidized to produce energy; surplus nitrogen is lost from body as urine
  3. c feed passageway in birds
  4. d combination of tests to determine the effect of diet on net retention or loss of nutrients from the body
  5. e last 2 weeks of growth; has a higher energy to protein ratio; leads to excess deposition>gives carcass uniform yellow color

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  1. low energy source; high fiber; feed for ruminants and hindgut fermenters; necessary for rumen and fecal function; cheap
  2. Concentrate that is a waste product of the food industry which is left over after the sugar is removed from sugar/molasses production
  3. bile storage and secretion; horse does not have one

  4. Protein dense concentrate that contains trypsin-inhibitor which inhibits protein digestibility
  5. most common dairy breed, balance between high volume and fat content

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  1. causes of colicreaction of horse to abdominal pain usually due to compaction of food


  2. Dry Cowanimal that is a cecal fermenter; non compartmentalized stomach; simple small intestine with large cecum; sacculated proximal colon and practices coprophagy


  3. large intestine (cecum and colon)absorbance (standard or unknown)


  4. Green choptype of forage that is high moisture; cut and chopped in field; fed fresh to animals; grasses, legumes, corn


  5. cellulosefermentable but not digestible; part of plant


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