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  1. Molasses
  2. pig diet
  3. microbial protein
  4. feed cost
  5. neonates
  1. a dead microbes that wash into abomasum and are digested providing an amino acid source to ruminant
  2. b
    concentrate that increases palatibility and decreases dustiness of feed
  3. c animal diet that consists of corn and sbm, added vitamins and minerals, and concentrates; no need to meet forage requirement and cannot utilize NPN
  4. d pig that receives most of its nutrients from sow's milk; iron must be supplemented with iron shots to prevent anemia
  5. e largest single expense in raising dairy cattle

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  1. feed passageway in birds
  2. system that combines the farrowing and finishing system; all pig types
  3. bile storage and secretion; horse does not have one
  4. combination of tests to determine the effect of diet on net retention or loss of nutrients from the body
  5. amount of WSC

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  1. Roasted Soybeansprotein dense concentrate that is altered to get rid of the trypsin inhibitor to allow animo acids to deliver to lower gut of ruminants and pass microbes; more efficient protein utilization for monogastrics; escape protein


  2. feeder pigs2nd diet fed to chicks that is lower in protein than the first


  3. cloacaanus in birds


  4. Limiting animo acidlysine needs to be supplemented to this animal because it is this; corn is low in lysine and sbm is high in lysine


  5. horse feedanimal diet that needs good quality hay, legumes for protein, and food that is not too dry or dusty


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