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  1. Pig limiting amino acid
  2. foregut fermenters
  3. canine atopic dermatitis
  4. m (standard curve)
  5. Factors Influencing Forage Quality
  1. a lysine needs to be supplemented to this animal because it is this; corn is low in lysine and sbm is high in lysine
  2. b plant species; stage of maturity (older plants=lower digestibility); method of preservation
  3. c use microbes as extra food source; provides protein and B vitamins
  4. d slope of line
  5. e essential fatty acid deficiency that causes poor growth, poor coat quality, and slow healing

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  1. product of controlled fermentation of high moisture forage; stored in silos; very palatable; commonly made with corn or hay
  2. protein in diet is oxidized to produce energy; surplus nitrogen is lost from body as urine
  3. goal is to freshen (give birth and start milking) at 2 years of age
  4. AA in the least amount in the diet that must be fed extra to animal
  5. water absorption and fermentation; production of VFA's here

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  1. horse feedmost common dairy breed, balance between high volume and fat content


  2. Foragelow energy source; high fiber; feed for ruminants and hindgut fermenters; necessary for rumen and fecal function; cheap


  3. Energyderived from partial or complete oxidation of molecules ingested or absorbed from the diet or from utilization of stored energy (fat, CHO, protein)


  4. Neutral Detergent FiberNDF


  5. Starter Diet2nd diet fed to chicks that is lower in protein than the first


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