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  1. nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism
  2. reticulum
  3. Mechanical Digestion
  4. esophagus
  5. jersey and guernsey
  1. a honeycomb lining. fermentation, pushing food back into rumen
  2. b nutritionally induced hypocalcemia; high phosphorus and low vitamin D; elevated parathyroid hormone
  3. c passage tube in digestive tract
  4. d chewing, churning processes
  5. e dairy breed with high butterfat content in milk

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  1. 2 VFA's produced by microbial fermentation that provides energy for whole ruminant
  2. more economical horse diet, contains more DE per kg, higher energy content can lead to overfeeding
  3. if the ingredient is a dinner or entree meal
  4. omnivorous species that will eat a wide variety of feedstuffs; has a simple small intestine; bifurcated cecum and does not practice coprophagy
  5. readily fermentable carbs that contain simple sugars (mono saccharides); higher amount of this makes for better fermentation

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  1. Haycellulose, lignin


  2. Dry Cowmore WSC in silage will yield this color


  3. Problems with foragesbound to phytate in most feeds so is unavailable to monogastrics like the pig; must consider this when balancing feed


  4. Chemical Reductionanaerobic process in which bacterial fermentation results in lactic acid production and lowered pH


  5. Growththe constructive synthesis of one substance at the expense of another


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