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  1. Cow supplements
  2. Reducing Sugars
  3. ruminant
  4. Green chop
  5. Food label requirements
  1. a foregut/pregastric fermenter; 4-compartment stomach; can digest fiber and carbs; cow
  2. b type of forage that is high moisture; cut and chopped in field; fed fresh to animals; grasses, legumes, corn
  3. c product name;net quantity statement;manufacturers name and address;ingredients;guaranteed analysis;nutritional adequacy statement;feeding directions;designator(feline/canine);product description
  4. d Vitamins A and E and selenium
  5. e This is what the monosaccharides in WSC are

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  1. finishing pigs fed ad lib diet balanced for energy and protein until they reach market weight
  2. chemical and mechanical digestion in birds
  3. cow that has gone through lactation and dried up; allows involution of mammary gland and preparation for next lactation
  4. plant species; stage of maturity (older plants=lower digestibility); method of preservation
  5. animal that is a cecal fermenter; non compartmentalized stomach; simple small intestine with large cecum; sacculated proximal colon and practices coprophagy

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  1. small intestineinflammation of lamina withing hoof; high grain feeding>large amount of CHO's>increase in lactic acid production>lower pH>kills other bacteria>endotoxin released>founders


  2. DM to As Fedanimal diet that needs good quality hay, legumes for protein, and food that is not too dry or dusty


  3. ligninAA supplemented to chickens and pigs; high in skeletal muscle


  4. large intestine (cecum and colon)water absorption and fermentation; production of VFA's here


  5. Chemical Reductionchewing, churning processes


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