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  1. 95% rule
  2. Cow supplements
  3. flavor rule
  4. gizzard
  5. Starter Diet
  1. a Vitamins A and E and selenium
  2. b diet fed to chicks in first 2-3 weeks of age; high protein (26%)
  3. c trained animal must be able to detect the smell
  4. d if the ingredient is in the name of the product
  5. e grinds up food, mechanical digestion in birds

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  1. food storage organ in birds
  2. goal is to freshen (give birth and start milking) at 2 years of age
  3. chemical and mechanical digestion in birds
  4. symptoms include looking at flank, kicking belly, restlessness, violent rolling, listlessness, and sweating
  5. dairy breed with high butterfat content in milk

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  1. Factors Influencing Forage Qualitymicrobes have access only after gastric and intestinal digestion have occurred; VFA's absorbed across colon and oxidized as source of energy; microbial protein and B vitamins lost in feces


  2. microbial proteindead microbes that wash into abomasum and are digested providing an amino acid source to ruminant


  3. gall bladderbile storage and secretion; horse does not have one


  4. Feline Central Retinal Degenerationtaurine deficiency that causes retinal lesions and blindness


  5. Silageproduct of controlled fermentation of high moisture forage; stored in silos; very palatable; commonly made with corn or hay


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