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  1. Fixation
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Concept
  4. Aphasia
  5. One-word stage
  1. a the stage in speech development, from about 1 to 2, during which a childspeaks mostly in single words.
  2. b the inability to see a problem from a new perspective; an impediment to problem solving
  3. c a mental grouping of similar objects, events, ideas, or people
  4. d the science of designing and programming computer systems to do intelligent things and to simulate human thought processes suchs as reasoning and understanding language
  5. e impairment of language, usually caused by left hemisphere damage either to Broca's area (impairing speaking) or to wernicke's area (impairing understanding)

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  1. knowing or sensing something without the use of reason; an insight
  2. early speech stage in which a child speaks like a telegram--'go car'--using mostly nouns and verbs and omitting 'auxiliary' words
  3. judging the likelihood of things in terms of how well they seem to represent, or match, particular prototypes; may lead one to ignore other relevant information
  4. in a language, a system of rules that enables us to communicate with and understand others
  5. a methodical, logical rule or procedure that guarantees solving a particular problem

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  1. SemanticsThe study of meaning in language.


  2. Phonemein a language, the smallest distinctive sound unit


  3. Wernicke's areacontrols language reception-a brain area involved in language comprehension and expression;usually in the left temporal lobe


  4. Cognitionall the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, remembering, and communicating


  5. Linguistic relativityWhorf's hypothesis that language determines the way we think


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