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  1. Woeful
  2. Abandon
  3. Sentinel
  4. Baffle
  1. a Full of woe; unhappy.
  2. b To confuse; to prevent from understanding.
  3. c One who keeps watch or guards a point of entry.
  4. d To lose or give up completely.

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  1. To be very happy.
  2. To move in a clumsy or careless way.
  3. The amount caught or taken at one time.
  4. Deep distress or misery.
  5. Successful in a contest or battle.

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  1. WoefulVery bad; wretched.


  2. DetectTo discover something not easily noticed.


  3. VictorDeep distress or misery.


  4. ColossalFull of woe; unhappy.


  5. AdversaryAn enemy or opponent.


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