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  1. monsoons
  2. tiny islands
  3. pakehas
  4. stolen generation
  5. land rights act of 1976
  1. a gave aboriginal people the right to claim land in the northern territory
  2. b what the aboringles call these children
  3. c Micronesia
  4. d winds that cause wet and dry seasons
  5. e maori term for white people

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  1. has abundant, diverse vegetation
  2. woven from palms are common arts and crafts
  3. unpopulated inland region of australia
  4. a ring like coral island surronding a lagoon
  5. place to send prisoners

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  1. mabo casea legal case in which the court decide that aboringal people could claim land that was held under a pastoral lease


  2. nauruplant with a starchy root.


  3. englishmost common language


  4. push factorpush people out of area


  5. high landsoceanic islands created by volcanoes


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