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  1. pastoral leases
  2. indochina
  3. mandalas
  4. low lands
  5. monsoons
  1. a oceanic islands created by coral reefs
  2. b winds that cause wet and dry seasons
  3. c states organized as rings of power around a central court
  4. d french colony made up of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam until 1954
  5. e land that is rented from the government for ranching or farming

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  1. the growth of industry
  2. most widespread language
  3. dried meet of coconuts
  4. world's coldest and driest continent
  5. a legal case in which the court recongnized that the aboringal people had owned land before the british arrived in australia

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  1. outbackplant with a starchy root.


  2. new zealandhas 2 islands North and South


  3. vietnam war1957-1975. War


  4. baskets and matswoven from palms are common arts and crafts


  5. englishmost common language


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