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  1. bikini atoll
  2. rain shadow
  3. outback
  4. assimilation
  5. voyaging canoe
  1. a white families were given 100,000 children to learn the majoritys culture
  2. b site of the US nuclear weapons testing located in the marshall islands
  3. c mountains act as a __________for central australia
  4. d double hulled canoes that used sails to take advantage of the wind
  5. e unpopulated inland region of australia

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  1. has abundant, diverse vegetation
  2. world's coldest and driest continent
  3. woven from palms are common arts and crafts
  4. a ring like coral island surronding a lagoon
  5. dried meet of coconuts

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  1. mokotraditional facial markings of the maori


  2. oceaniadoes not have much diversity, low islands have poor soil


  3. high landsoceanic islands created by coral reefs


  4. south islandis less mountainous than _____ island and has fertile farmland areas


  5. monsoonsthe aboriginal people of new zealand


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