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  1. subsistence activities
  2. nauru
  3. anartica
  4. marine west coast climate
  5. maori
  1. a the aboriginal people of new zealand
  2. b exists in new zealand and the southern portion of australias east coast.
  3. c world's coldest and driest continent
  4. d most people in Oceania aare involved in producing only what their family needs
  5. e tiny island

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  1. what the aboringles call these children
  2. oceanic islands created by coral reefs
  3. push people out of area
  4. oceanic islands created by volcanoes
  5. the concept of "empty land" by which the british goverment decided that it had the right to take land in australia without making treaties with the aboringal people

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  1. bikini atollsite of the US nuclear weapons testing located in the marshall islands


  2. australiaonly inhabited country lying completely in southern hemisphere


  3. tropical wet and dry climateclimate found in costal areas of oceania


  4. outbackgroups of pacific ocean islands as a whole


  5. 184a pair of rabbits can have ______ decedents in 18 months


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