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  1. archipelago
  2. many islands
  3. bikini atoll
  4. pull factor
  5. great barrier reef
  1. a site of the US nuclear weapons testing located in the marshall islands
  2. b actually a 1200 mile long chain of reefs and islands
  3. c push people out of area
  4. d set of closely grouped islands
  5. e Polynesia

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  1. has abundant, diverse vegetation
  2. only inhabited country lying completely in southern hemisphere
  3. unpopulated inland region of australia
  4. european brought 24 ___________ to australia to hunt
  5. oceanic islands created by volcanoes

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  1. mandalasstates organized as rings of power around a central court


  2. assimilationwhite families were given 100,000 children to learn the majoritys culture


  3. maorithe aboriginal people of new zealand


  4. naurutiny island


  5. 184a pair of rabbits can have ______ decedents in 18 months


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