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  1. land rights act of 1976
  2. asean
  3. vietnam war
  4. treaty of waitangi
  5. smallest and flattest
  1. a 1957-1975. War
  2. b gave aboriginal people the right to claim land in the northern territory
  3. c gave britian control over new zealand (1840)
  4. d Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  5. e Australia is the _________ and ___________ continent on the earth

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  1. has 2 islands North and South
  2. most common language
  3. most people in Oceania aare involved in producing only what their family needs
  4. is home to the southern alps, a 300 mile long range
  5. world's 5th largest continent

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  1. desertAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations


  2. copraplant with a starchy root.


  3. 184plant with a starchy root.


  4. high landsoceanic islands created by volcanoes


  5. north islandis less mountainous than _____ island and has fertile farmland areas


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