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  1. tropical wet climate
  2. copra
  3. pakehas
  4. north island
  5. rabbits
  1. a climate found in costal areas of oceania
  2. b is less mountainous than _____ island and has fertile farmland areas
  3. c maori term for white people
  4. d european brought 24 ___________ to australia to hunt
  5. e dried meet of coconuts

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  1. monsoons shape this climate
  2. a legal case in which the court recongnized that the aboringal people had owned land before the british arrived in australia
  3. has abundant, diverse vegetation
  4. does not have much diversity, low islands have poor soil
  5. what the aboringles call these children

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  1. terra...plant with a starchy root.


  2. marine west coast climateexists in new zealand and the southern portion of australias east coast.


  3. subsistence activitieswoven from palms are common arts and crafts


  4. treaty of waitangiMicronesia


  5. high landsoceanic islands created by volcanoes


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