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  1. bikini atoll
  2. low lands
  3. maori
  4. pastoral leases
  5. subsistence activities
  1. a site of the US nuclear weapons testing located in the marshall islands
  2. b the aboriginal people of new zealand
  3. c most people in Oceania aare involved in producing only what their family needs
  4. d oceanic islands created by coral reefs
  5. e land that is rented from the government for ranching or farming

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  1. has abundant, diverse vegetation
  2. has 2 islands North and South
  3. what the aboringles call these children
  4. is home to the southern alps, a 300 mile long range
  5. states organized as rings of power around a central court

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  1. voyaging canoea canoe that contains a frame with a float the extends away from the canoe for stability


  2. khmer empirea powerful mandala that lasted from the 9th to the 15th centuries in which is now Cambodia


  3. australiaa ring like coral island surronding a lagoon


  4. taroplant with a starchy root.


  5. black islandsPolynesia


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