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  1. pastoral leases
  2. rabbits
  3. archipelago
  4. subsistence activities
  5. oceania
  1. a set of closely grouped islands
  2. b does not have much diversity, low islands have poor soil
  3. c european brought 24 ___________ to australia to hunt
  4. d land that is rented from the government for ranching or farming
  5. e most people in Oceania aare involved in producing only what their family needs

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  1. mountains act as a __________for central australia
  2. the growth of industry
  3. a canoe that contains a frame with a float the extends away from the canoe for stability
  4. most widespread language
  5. little rain + extreme cold =_________________

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  1. terra...the concept of "empty land" by which the british goverment decided that it had the right to take land in australia without making treaties with the aboringal people


  2. smallest and flattestAustralia is the _________ and ___________ continent on the earth


  3. mokoplant with a starchy root.


  4. anarticaeuropean brought 24 ___________ to australia to hunt


  5. south islandis home to the southern alps, a 300 mile long range


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