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  1. From left to right, the elements become less metallic and more nonmetallic in their properties.
  2. elements that form a bridge between the elements on the left and right sides of the periodic table
  3. elements that are poor conductors of heat and electricity
  4. elements of group 8A; have 8 valence electrons (exception is He) and are inert
  5. the repetition of a set of properties, row after row

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  1. metalselements that are poor conductors of heat and electricity


  2. halogenselements of group 7A; have 7 valence electrons and are highly reactive


  3. atomic mass unit (amu)units used to measure the mass of atoms; defin ed as 1/12 the mass of carbon-12


  4. valence electronelements of group 1A; have 1 valence electron and are highly reactive


  5. groupthe horizontal rows of the periodic table of the elements


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